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Pinterest, the social network based on sharing your virtual pinboards, has now been crowned the fastest growing independent website of all time.

It’s eclipsed Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to hit ten million monthly unique visitors in the US. And it’s still invite only.

The escalation of Pinterest has been labelled “unprecedented” with growth of more than 4000% in the last six months, with over four million users registered worldwide.

Considering that CEO and co-founder Ben Silbermann worked for Google before going it alone, Pinterest had a better chance than many of making its mark. Continue Reading


Last week Firefox rolled out their new update, Firefox 14, which features an automatic HTTPS encryption on all Google searches. This was expected for a while, but it’s no more welcome than the announcement first telling us it was coming.

What does this mean? All keywords used in search will show up as (not provided) on Google Analytics.

Whereas before it would only affect users logged into Firefox, it now affects all Google searches used in Firefox. Internet Explorer is also keen to pursue later in the year.

This update affects digital agencies, SEO enthusiasts and web developers everywhere, and is sure to be the question most are asked about over the coming months. Continue Reading


I believe the Daleks developed Google as part of an intergalactic experiment to prove to the rest of the technologically advanced species of the known macrocosm that they have a point.

When they shout, “Exterminate!” in our general direction, they do so for good reason.

This might sound like the talk of a man who is ten tubs of mental. Not so. I am sane (ish). I have proof. Continue Reading


Infographics have enjoyed a boom over the last couple of years, with the addition of Pinterest to the social media world, graphical representation of information is now readily available for everything from mobile phone sales to the amount of alcohol consumed by the Boston Bruins after winning the Stanley Cup. Continue Reading


One of the things we’ve being banging on about for weeks is the introduction of author thumbnails appearing in the search results and how they can make you stand out from the crowd.

What is interesting since their addition, is the amount of people struggling to understand exactly what restrictions are in place that may prevent your picture being shown.

An interesting article on SEOmoz had recently tried to illuminate this for us. Continue Reading


Q: How many designers does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: Why a lightbulb?

The question above provides the perfect illustration of what design thinking is all about.

Although difficult to get your head round at first, once you do, it opens up a world of possibilities for business and brand development that you would never have considered before. Continue Reading


Don’t stand out for the wrong reasons!

As a growing business, we interview A LOT of people, so we see hundreds of CVs! This means we are fairly well qualified to advise on positive ways to stand out from the crowd.

So many people trip themselves up by getting the basics wrong, it is astounding how many people send in CVs that appear to have been thrown together at the last minute, or fail to prepare for an interview. Continue Reading


One of the things I absolutely love about digital marketing is the ever-changing face of things. Being kept on my toes and having to do a complete 180 at least once a month is a challenge I enjoy and thrive on.

One area which has piqued my interest recently is how technology is progressing at a rate that is going to completely annihilate everything we think we know about search over the next few years. We’re going to be fed into a new world of search with tech loaded clothing, tablets and Google following us everywhere we go! Continue Reading

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