Google+ Birthday Cartoon

It’s Google+’s 2nd birthday.

All the other social media players are at the party: Facebook’s drunk again, Twitter’s got over-excited and won’t stop talking, while LinkedIn is working the room in a business suit. But what about the birthday boy?

At the grand old age of 2, what will Google+ be doing on its birthday – throwing its toys out of the pram or gloating from the top of a pile of presents? Continue Reading


On 27 May Google officially changed its advice on how to improve rankings for your website. This significant change went unnoticed until it was picked up and reported via Twitter and then followed up by a post on searchengineland.

As you can see from the highlighted text below Google has switched their position from increasing links to creating high quality sites with content that people will want to use and share. Continue Reading

Dave Langdale - Evergreen Content Marketing - 26.06.13

I was recently emailed by a family friend asking for some help with his website optimisation. These were his words:

“We really need to be coming up at the top of the rankings on the first page (obviously) when certain basic searches are entered into Google for our products.

I’m not too shabby when it comes to tags, meta-tags, keywords etc – it’s just the implementation of it that leads to results which confuses me!”

It struck me that, while we as an industry hurtle along down a rapidly evolving motorway, we might be leaving those without a savvy SEO agency struggling to even start, let alone keep up. Continue Reading

Dave Langdale - Penguin Spam - 20.06.13

It’s been a while since a newsletter was even thought about, let alone committed to type. That’s not to say there hasn’t been news. In the last three months we’ve seen Penguin 2.0 – a huge update aimed at spammy links – changes to Analytics and Google Image search, as well as a host of minor updates and algorithm changes. I’d love to say the reason for the lack of a newsletter was for something other than a sun cream wheelie bin related suspension, but I can’t for legal reasons.

Enjoy this latest edition which features everything from a LinkedIn hack to a cat with two faces. Continue Reading


Hindsight is a wonderful thing but, honestly, I wish I’d had the benefit of what I know now two years ago – it would have saved so much wasted time.

Talking to others who do a similar role to me (agency owner, director, creative content marketer), they too have had similar experiences. I find this oddly reassuring, a relief to know that the roller coaster of content marketing hasn’t been a solo ride. Continue Reading

Penguing 2.0 Recovery Strategies - Chris Fielden - 06.06.13

What is Penguin 2.0?

Penguin is the name of a Google algorithm update that penalises websites with poor quality links in their backlink profile. If you have undertaken any spammy SEO practices in the past, like paying for links from a known link network for example, your website is likely to be penalised.

Penguin was first launched in April 2012. Penguin 2.0 is the latest algorithm update. You can see a full history of Google algorithm updates on Moz. Continue Reading

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