Gain valuable work experience in a team of talented and innovative creative professionals working on multiple high-level campaigns including brand awareness, blogging and social media projects in an office environment. You will be working in a happy and creative environment, developing valuable skills and increasing your employability by miles. Strengthen your CV and chances of employment, gain new skills and build on your current ones.

Opportunities exist for students studying sandwich courses in related areas e.g marketing, business, writing, publishing or journalism. Placements are open to International Students who are fluent in English.

An office-based work placement at Strategy will mean that you get to be a professional marketer, working on a creative team which will provide unparalleled training, support and professional feedback.

What will you get from it?

  • Enhance your employability! There is a possibility of a paid internship if your placement is a success; over 90% of internships lead to a full time permanent position at Strategy, thus you are forging a clear career path whilst still in education.
  • You can do this placement during your “sandwich year” at University.
  • Unpaid work experience like this will impress future employers as it shows dedication to your career path and a willingness to learn and gain as much employment experience as possible whilst still studying.
  • £100 per month will be paid towards travel expenses and subsistence.
  • Office based placement, five days a week for a full academic year within a very strong creative team who will train you and support you throughout your placement.
  • It puts you a cut above the rest in a tough employment market.
  • Work on campaigns that you can add to your portfolio.
  • Great exposure for your published writing thanks to our amazing social media team and A-List blogger contacts.
  • Gain tons of new skills that you can apply to your studies.
  • Training, support and professional feedback to improve your marketing skills and writing ability.
  • Learn all the skills needed to get your work seen by a maximum amount of people.
  • Minimum 24 weeks and maximum 52 weeks.
  • Learn the ropes of SEO, social media and online marketing- which will enhance your CV immeasurably.
  • Make some great new friends (we’re all lovely!).

application criteria

  • You must be in higher education
  • The work placement must be part of your course or sandwich course
  • Placements are a minimum of 24 weeks in length (6 months) – we do not offer shorter placements than this

You will be working in a happy and creative environment, developing valuable skills and increasing your employability by miles. You will get to see your hard work published all over the web, learn exactly how to create the best content and become a success in the world of internet marketing. Does this sound like the ideal opportunity to you?

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LENE ADOLFSEN has done Work Experience with us in 2012

The undergraduate program at my University, Northeastern University, encourages students to take a couple of semesters off to gain some work experience before they graduate.I decided to take this time to travel to Bristol and explore a side of writing that I hadn’t learned about at school.Writing for Strategy has been wonderfully challenging and I believe it has made me a better-rounded writer.As an English Literature major I have plenty of writing experience, but none like this. Blogging is so completely different from academic writing that it takes some getting used to, but with the way the internet is totally changing the publishing industry, you could argue that it’s the future of writing.

When you’re blogging you really have to draw the reader in, they aren’t required to read your writing like your professors or your peer-editors are. You can’t rely on the novels or poems you analyse in school to give you interesting ideas and subject matter, you’re not simply looking for a way to write about an already great piece of writing—you have to be the one to think outside of the box and come up with your own topic that is interesting, creative and will convince people to read it.

I believe that everything I’ve learned while at Strategy about writing for the web and all the intricacies of the internet that I’d never known before, will help give me a leg up as I pursue a writing career in the future. It has opened up doors for me that I didn’t know existed.
lene adolfsen

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