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Are you a student in the Bristol and Bath area looking for a professional university placement to fulfil the requirements of your higher education course?

Strategy is a Bristol-based company currently offering placements for local students from Bath and Bristol for 2013; between 6-12 months in length. Here you will be given the opportunity to participate in a successful internet marketing company environment, which will afford you invaluable experience and boost your chances of employment after higher education.

If you’re currently studying as part of a sandwich course or are looking to fulfil the requirements of a placement-assessed module, this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

Who are Strategy?

We are a friendly, professional team comprised of industry experts who will provide you with valuable feedback and inside insight into the world of E-commerce marketing.

We work on high-level, national campaigns including social media, blogging and raising brand awareness for our clients to ensure that we maximise the potential of companies to engage and retain interest. We strive for success, and we get results.

Placement Information

Our placements are perfect for students participating in a variety of full-time and sandwich courses specialising in the following;

  • Creative writing
  • English
  • IT
  • Journalism and Media
  • Communication, Sales and Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Computer networking and Management
  • Consumer Studies
  • Business Studies and Administration

The Experience You’ll Gain

If you’re interested in the diverse and progressive field of internet marketing, our office based placements in our Bristol headquarters will be perfect for you. Our team of innovative and talented creative professionals will provide you with support, training and feedback during the time that you are with us.

You will get real experience of a fast-moving industry; learning the ropes of creating high-quality, original site content whilst gaining valuable knowledge that will help you to progress creatively, technically and professionally.

Other Benefits

We will cover expenses of £100 per month which is great for Bristol and Bath based applicants. You will be able to add the work you do to what will become an impressive portfolio of creative content, boosting your chances of employability by putting you a cut above the rest in a tough job market.

By taking on unpaid work it shows potential employers that you have a dedication towards your chosen career path. This is a full time, five day a week placement that will ensure you come away afterwards with an entirely fresh confidence and insider knowledge of a fast-growing and progressive industry.

What Next?

If this sounds like the kind of thing that would interest you and you are studying full time as part of a sandwich course or higher education degree, please click here to apply with our online form. We also offer voluntary opportunities for those who are looking to gain hands-on experience but are not currently in full time education. For more information contact

Alternatively you can send your resume and covering letter to to get the ball rolling. We look forward to meeting you!


Verena Wang

verena wang has been with us since July

My favourite part of placement was the atmosphere and company culture. It’s a really good working environment. Also, in terms of work, the flexibility I had and the range of things I learnt. I will miss my colleagues and all the people here a lot. Everyone was really friendly and helpful with work and during the six months we had a really good relationship.

We had socials regularly, which were quite diverse, from going for drinks to comedy nights. It was also great for building up teams and relationships, which really helped with work. I also love living in Bath because it’s so peaceful and beautiful. I haven’t been to a lot of cities in the UK, but out of all the ones I’ve been to Bath is my favourite.

What have I learned? So many things! For example, for internet marketing I’ve learnt how to do things like keyword research, content audits and how to use Google Analytics. In terms of working in an office environment, that’s a skill in itself. In general, wherever I go the skills to identify a target audience and building relationships with people through outreach are really important. Also, everything changes frequently so I was always learning new things as well.

I’ve always been interested in marketing, so that’s why I chose to work here, and it’s given me a lot of insights and experience in this area. Before my placement I was only really considering traditional marketing but I’ve found internet marketing really interesting as well. So I’ll just see what opportunity comes along!

Why not read a copy of our Employability programme for more information.