April Fools!!! - Chris Fielden - 1.4.13

It was all a joke. IoII didn’t turn the internet off today for four hours so that they could install a new bank of Quadruplex iPillio Dualclops e671 Cumulonimbus Servers. We got you good and proper.

Now, with your face beginning to turn crimson with embarrassment, you need to start thinking about what you are going to tell your family after you spent all day yesterday convincing them to forsake Facebook, chocolate and the obligatory showing of Citizen Kane for a cold 24 hours in the bunker.

But at least you can be safe in the knowledge that you are not the only person that has been caught out today.

Just savour the thought that you happen to be one of thousands of people who have fallen foul of an April Fools’ prank today, and one of the many, many more that have had the same fate throughout the holiday’s long and distinguished history.

From the Roman festival of Hilaria, to the Medieval Feast of Fools and the Iranian Sizdah Bedar (celebrated since around 536 BC), pulling pranks on each other for no other reason than the belly-quaking hilarity of it has been a common feature of all human civilisations throughout history.

So relax, don’t take it personally and watch this. Feel a little better now?

Of course, there might still be time to devise your own genius prank to pull on someone you know.

You can be safe in the knowledge that you are not the only person that has been caught out today.

So in the spirit of goodwill we would like to present you with some of the best April Fools’ Day pranks that have been pulled by the biggest names on the internet in the last few years.


Google are fast establishing themselves as the undisputed kings of April Fool’s Day, with the nerd baiting 8-bit version of Google Maps, the “economically focused” search engine Google Nigeria (“just enter your bank details to start”) and the Gmail Tap feature all appearing in 2012 alone!


Last year Youtube launched the Youtube Collection: A service that allowed you to physically own all videos on the site in a handy DVD format. Once ordered the site dispatches 175 trucks to your home to make the first delivery!


In 2012 Sony were boasting that they had solved the ongoing battle between power and mobility in the tech market…by creating a fully-fledged Ultrabook that was the size of a penny while still packing in 8GB of RAM and 1080p HD resolution.


Forget the cloud. Last year Amazon realised that it was all a bit impersonal and so decided that it would launch a 15 minute EC2 home delivery service, but only for people who happened to live 45 degrees North or South of the equator.


Last year Richard Branson was beginning to tire a little bit of the whole ballooning around the world thing. What better way to give the brand a much needed reinvention then being the first people to drill to the centre of the earth? And so Virgin Volcanic was born.

The Register

The online tech magazine perfectly lampooned the vicious and drawn out patent wars between Apple and its competitors with this fake story claiming that Apple was launching legal action to patent the rectangle.

So have fun for the rest of April Fool’s Day and don’t trust anything you read on the internet. Except this obviously.

Feel free to tell us about the best pranks you have come across this year in the comments below.

Image Source: naturegirl 78 on Flickr