Facebook Fatigue - Colm Hebblethwaite 28.05.13

Facebook is an icon of the modern business world, a totemic example of how an internet user’s desire for connectivity and interaction can be turned into a hugely profitable and social influential corporate entity.

But if the recent flurry of reports, speculation and apocalyptic predictions about the site across the internet are to be believed then Facebook has begun to haemorrhage a significant amount of its most precious asset: its users.

The reported drop in users regularly visiting the site has been linked to a mysterious condition known as ‘Facebook fatigue’ that is beginning to affect people in the site’s core markets and if true, could have some serious repercussions. Continue Reading

April Fools!!! - Chris Fielden - 1.4.13

It was all a joke. IoII didn’t turn the internet off today for four hours so that they could install a new bank of Quadruplex iPillio Dualclops e671 Cumulonimbus Servers. We got you good and proper.

Now, with your face beginning to turn crimson with embarrassment, you need to start thinking about what you are going to tell your family after you spent all day yesterday convincing them to forsake Facebook, chocolate and the obligatory showing of Citizen Kane for a cold 24 hours in the bunker.

But at least you can be safe in the knowledge that you are not the only person that has been caught out today. Continue Reading

Sunshine - Colm Hebblethwaite - 18.02.13

By Colm Hebblethwaite

The economic storm that has raged for the last couple of years has left most industries cowering under shelter, as social unrest and tension continues to bubble up around the world. In the midst of all this, the SEO industry seems to stride through the chaos unharmed; growing healthily year on year.

During 2012 there were 9.1 million searches for terms related to SEO services, companies and tools. There were 13 million published blog posts with “SEO” in their titles all over the web and the mighty Amazon was stocking well over 2,696 books on the topic.

What this all means is profit, both for the marketeers and their clients when they see increased revenue from more traffic and more conversions.  But is that it? SEO is, after all, not fundamentally about profit but is about increasing exposure and spreading messages (brand or otherwise), which can  lead to future profits.

So, is it possible to harness the power of SEO for promoting good causes without profit as a motive? Continue Reading

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