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The short answer is: more than you’d think.

You might be ticking boxes left right and centre when it comes to ‘traditional’ SEO practices, but have you considered working with bloggers?

For many brands, the blogging community is still an untapped resource when it comes to the marketing of their products, but this growing sector shouldn’t be overlooked. Read on to find out why blogging is so influential online and how getting the right blogger on board can make or break your brand… Continue Reading

Penguin 2.0 Release - Holly Hayman - 23.05.13

Matt Cutts – Google spokesman and generally helpful chap – has released a statement on his personal blog about a new release of Penguin: Google’s link-busting algorithm update.


Penguin 2.0 is set to effect around 2.3% of US English language queries, with differences according to language.


We’re keeping our eyes on the organic traffic for all of our clients, but it looks like this has had much less of an impact than the first Penguin algorithm release. The future of great content, copy and ‘earning’ links rather than generating them has seen many sites protected from this update. Continue Reading

Google Yourself - Seashell - Holly Hayman - 12.04.13

The internet really is the biggest diary in the world.

Almost everything you’ve ever created – whether that’s a status update, a comment, a witty tweet, a snarky message, a funny picture or a superbly well written and researched blog post – could be saved indefinitely worldwide.

But is this global scrapbook really the way to go? Or should people have the right to forget and move on? Continue Reading

Dead End 404 - Holly Hayman - 25.01.13

Think of the internet as a room jammed full of people – and you’re speed dating.

The spammers are talking very loudly in quasi-American slang about Mulberry handbags and time-shares. Fashion bloggers are on the left dressed like homeless chimney sweeps. There are coffee-wired reviewers on the right, scantily-dressed social networks lining the walls and a gaggle of gossip columns all trying to catch your eye. No, no and no.

Then all of a sudden, “wow”: perfect hair, perfect clothes and smelling like fresh linen and Mama’s apple pie. You get up the courage to say something and tap them on the shoulder and you’re met with… a blank stare. Maybe a twitch. Not very friendly. How can you make a 404 a destination page in its own right? Continue Reading

Cold Walk - Holly Hayman - 12.12.12

We’re all pretty sharp when it comes to commercialism. Think Coca-Cola’s Santa Claus, Cadbury Easter eggs and those interesting mascots for the 2012 London Olympic Games. They all have one thing in common – they aren’t anything to do with the original event, but they have become an integral part. This is where SEO link bait comes in: finding a niche in a popular event that you can monopolise and turn into your own recognisable, multi-national conglomerate. Continue Reading


For a multi-billion dollar business Google’s motto couldn’t be simpler: “Don’t be evil”.

When you’ve been stung by an update it’s hard to know if this is true, but their top priority is and always has been their “customers”, the searchers and getting them the best results. In this post I’ll go over who won and who lost in this year’s major updates. Continue Reading

Pinterest Logo

Pinterest, the social network based on sharing your virtual pinboards, has now been crowned the fastest growing independent website of all time.

It’s eclipsed Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to hit ten million monthly unique visitors in the US. And it’s still invite only.

The escalation of Pinterest has been labelled “unprecedented” with growth of more than 4000% in the last six months, with over four million users registered worldwide.

Considering that CEO and co-founder Ben Silbermann worked for Google before going it alone, Pinterest had a better chance than many of making its mark. Continue Reading

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