Group grove at LinkLove 2013

There was no shortage of style and substance at the final LinkLove conference delivered by Distilled and a very classy event it was too.

This is a roundup of all the actionable tips you need from LinkLove 2013. The takeaways from conferences are the most valuable bits, whether it’s new learning or relationships, or even just the reassurance that you are doing the right things, the real ROI comes from what action you take. Distilled’s conferences are packed with actionable tips so here is what you need to know from 2013. Basically #RCS works, just do it! Continue Reading


Don’t stand out for the wrong reasons!

As a growing business, we interview A LOT of people, so we see hundreds of CVs! This means we are fairly well qualified to advise on positive ways to stand out from the crowd.

So many people trip themselves up by getting the basics wrong, it is astounding how many people send in CVs that appear to have been thrown together at the last minute, or fail to prepare for an interview. Continue Reading


Just in case you blinked and missed something, watch out for Google switching it up again!

Its an exciting time in search as you are never 100% sure how the search results will be presented and what new surprises might be in there.

The introduction of the Knowledge Graph is an extension of Google’s efforts to provide the best search experience and pre-empt the result you want.

Yup, its mind reading spookiness! Well not quite but it could seem like that when you start getting answers to questions you didn’t even ask yet. Continue Reading


Google have always rolled out regular algorithm updates from tiny little ones you’d never notice to big meaty ones that shake things up big time. In recent months the pace of change and rate of updates has been a game changer with updates so varied and frequent they seem to be tripping over each other at times. But what does this actually mean in real terms? Continue Reading


Its only one day but its jam packed full of exciting presentations oozing with actionable content and its where the SEO rock stars get their groove on! I was especially looking forward to seeing Rand Fishkin, Will Reynolds and Mike King. When you follow these guys on Twitter you get a feeling for their style and quality of what they have to say, they certainly didn’t disappoint! Continue Reading


Pinterest, it’s the hottest new thing in social media, despite launching little over a year ago and still available by invitation only, has recently seen a phenomenal growth in popularity and usage; according to Quantcast, in March last year approximately 50,000 people in the US were signed up whereas in October that same year the figure was 600,000 and showed no sign of slowing. Continue Reading


What a week this has been in search! On Tuesday Google changed the rules in a big way and this time it could have a significant impact on search results. Don’t be alarmed its unlikely to affect your results over night so there is time to embrace the changes that are needed but change is definitely necessary unless you want to risk getting left behind.

Google are constantly updating their algorithm which is why they continue to be the most popular search engine by a country mile. But this week they took a step that forces those serious about the success of their website to sit up and listen – by engaging with Google+. Continue Reading


With fictitious holidays all over us like a bad rash, “Cyber Monday” stands out with the most blatant aim – Getting our money. Still, you have to congratulate whoever came up with this concept, it is genius and it’s bold and not afraid to deliver its message, almost like a Lynx advert, except you’d have to swap the genius part for overt misogyny.

Cyber Monday is the Monday that follows Black Friday; the opening of Christmas gift hunting season on the high street. Continue Reading


You may have noticed in recent months that there is a new version of analytics accessible within your existing account. It looks quite different but has much of the same data. The navigation is organised in a more sensible way and the filtering options & advanced segments are easier to manage. Its a step forward in more ways that just the layout and usability interface.

Continue Reading


Strategy Internet Marketing are seeking to build relationships with talented journalism and creative writing students.

We are currently looking for volunteer bloggers to write interesting and engaging blogs on a wide range of different topics. This is an excellent opportunity for any writers who are looking to gain some valuable industry experience and get published online. Continue Reading

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