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Are you searching for the best SEO tools for your business? You've come to the right place. Whether you're starting out with social or expanding your project management, our SEO software buying guide will help you identify which of the web's many SEO tools are most suitable for you. Simply click on the type of tool you're looking for below.

It's not final either, we're only just getting started. So if you know of any great tools, or you think you've made one, let us know by contacting and we might just add it to our list.

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Project management tools


Basecamp is a great project management tool for where individuals may fill a vast number of roles, as it's capable of handling extremely complex setups. It makes it simple for departments with different responsibilities to gain vision and give feedback on the projects others are involved with.

Basecamp means projects are all in one place, where discussions, decisions and feedback are centralised. It also allows for easy communication with clients via excellent permissions features.

Features and Who it's for
  • Easy organisation of incredibly large numbers of projects
  • Scales up naturally and without much effort
  • Straight-forward layout that encourages a strict hierarchy, delegation, and a 'waterfall' project planning process
  • Very reliable with a simple, intuitive interface.

"Basecamp is so good, projects practically complete themselves."

Joshua Pinter, Community Point and Insight Emissions

"Since being a Basecamp user for the last few years I can honestly say that I'm not sure how we would run our company without it. Having tried many Project Management systems, Basecamp just fit with our company, and along with the Suite from 37signals it becomes a powerful system."

James Cottis, Twist Interactive Design Ltd

"Even in the first beta release… the new Basecamp is better, faster, and more elegant than any project management tool you have ever used."

Matthew Donovan, Seventh Compass, Inc.


Trello is a project management tool aimed primarily at creative teams. It's a good tool for companies with a product-based pyramid structure, a flat structure, or a parallel-team structure. As such, it fills its own unique niche.

Features and Who it's for
  • Quick & efficient task management
  • Flexible organisation with simple drag and drop functions
  • Assigns tasks to members
  • Private and public options
  • Encourages 'agile' project planning
  • Doesn't scale up well with large numbers of projects
  • Hard to export or backup

Trello works best for small companies and startups, or as a supplemental project management tool for larger companies with a creative or marketing department.

"Great project management for personal and business use."

"I find myself working on four different projects between three different groups, and this has been excellent at helping me keep my tasks organized and on time"

"We love it. Great way to set priorities and Acton n them amongst a group."


Wrike is primarily a task management tool, which allows the collaboration of data, tasks, spreadsheets and Gantt charts in one place. Integratable with email, it's the perfect tool for companies looking to scale the number of ongoing projects.

Features and Who it's for
  • Manage an unlimited number of projects
  • See everything in one workspace
  • Easy to visualise Gantt overview charts
  • Set reminders through email integration
  • Add comments and discuss progress in real time

Wrike is perfect for companies looking to manage a lot of projects simultaneously. The ability to see overall progress with Gantt charts and then get involved in discussions on a task level make this ideal for large design agencies.

"I would recommend Wrike to anyone who is juggling multiple projects, tasks and clients, and wants to do that efficiently."

Lorne Greene, CEO, Viva Creative

"Simply the best project management app in the marketplace. And I tried over 30 of them!"

Timothy Seward, CEO of ROI Revolution


Teambox is an open-sourced collaborative project-management platform, designed to improve team productivity. It offers the ability to plan and co-ordinate tasks, and to share files and updates.

Features and Who it's for
  • Suitable for small to medium sized businesses that want to co-ordinate projects, without a steep learning curve.
  • Simple project management features including communication, tracking-time and sharing documents
  • Simple, easy to use lay-out, similar to that of social-networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Can integrate apps like Google Docs and Drop Box

"The Teambox On-Premise solution offers a way for many organisations to quickly deploy within existing security practises, standards and infrastructure."

Sean Sherman, US Government Security Analyst

"Working on a project with a large multinational energy company, we had to find a Web-based collaboration solution that we could host internally."

Shawn Stephens, Systems Consultant at GEO Energy, Inc


Projecturf is a web-based project-management app that helps businesses and individuals manage projects, people and tasks. It has an extensive list of features, including customisation of all of the standard project-management tools.

Features and Who it's for
  • More suitable for small to medium sized businesses.
  • Allows unlimited users and storage.
  • Generates reports and metrics based on how productive your team is.
  • Virtually eliminates refreshing and clicks resulting in fast usability.
  • Customisable features allow you to tailor the app to your needs.
  • Feedback feature enables customers to comment on, rate and approve the work being done for them.

"One of the very best project management apps I have come across and has a boatload of features. You name a feature and they've probably got it. They do a great job in making life easy for project managers."


"Projecturf makes a point of offering an interface conducive to working. With just a glance, you can tell how hard the company worked on designing the interface."



Huddle is a project-management tool, designed for collaboration across teams and businesses. Its latest version has been designed as an accompaniment to project-management software, and so is best for those who want a central platform rather than a different set of tools

Features and Who it's for
  • Aimed at most businesses and government-organisations
  • Ability to store, share, and work on files with anyone inside or outside your organisation.
  • Closed security model to prevent accidental disclosure of content.
  • People section is geared to large enterprises, functioning as an address book, and allowing you to quickly see who does what.

"Being socially enabled means getting realistic both about the behavioural trends inside an organisation and the new external challenges they pose. Part of this is being open to low investment private SaaS platforms – like Huddle – that redress the balance between corporate governance and consumer expectation."

Sam Lockwood, Liberal Democrats, Head of Digital Strategy

""When documents were distributed via email, we'd often get more than 50 emails back with numerous questions, different viewpoints to consider and multiple comments from people in the same region. Huddle has enabled teams to participate in discussions and help each other."

Pamela Muñoz, Kia, Assistant Manager–International Communications


Central Desktop's 'Social Bridge' is a collaboration platform, allowing people to share ideas and information and manage projects within the cloud.It predominantly focuses on speeding up existing business practises and replacing email.

Features and Who it's for
  • Aimed at small to medium sized businesses.
  • See who has made changes to a document, and revert to previous versions
  • Provides an audit-log so that you know who has reviewed a document.
  • Create and edit documents and spread sheets, without external software.
  • View everyone's files from anywhere.
  • Provides the option to customise the style of template to re-enforce brand consistency

"Using Central Desktop saves our marketing team time because people can self-serve. They don't have to come to us to look for files anymore."

Paige Perdue, Director, Digital Marketing, WD-40


ActiveCollab is a project-management tool that provides a way to collaborate, work with clients, budget and invoice. It is easy to use, and has an uncluttered interface to give users a quick overview of their tasks and projects.

Features and Who it's for
  • A number of large organisations use activeCollab, and it is good for those with lots of projects on the go.
  • Automatically produce accurate invoices from billable time-entries.
  • Each user can personalise and configure their home screen to suit their needs. This makes it easier to find required information
  • Aids time management by allowing you to break long projects up into individual milestones.
  • Provides accurate time estimates to help with client quotes.
  • Allows users to see the resources available to a project, and whether it's over or under budget.

"activeCollab helps us provide an uncommon level of professionalism and service to our clients; as a partial result of the organization this tool provides, we wind up looking like rock stars."

Paul Burton, 16toads Design

"The "killer feature" is its simplicity. When a Client demands that their project be managed in a virtual environment, activeCollab allows them to easily get involved because of its straightforward approach."

Sean R, Sawy Pro Web

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Social tools


Sendible is a complete social media management platform, offering a central hub from which you can manage and measure everything from email marketing campaigns to Twitter feeds.

Features and Who it's for
  • Intuitive interface
  • Simple to compose and share content
  • Excellent analytics capabilities
  • Looks beyond specific social media platforms, brings together social media, email, SMS and even incorporates blog posts

They also offer a white label package for companies looking to offer a social management platform while maintaining brand identity.

"Sendible makes the updating process much easier and simpler for busy users who want to keep their status up to date and their friends being informed on their latest status."

"I absolutely love It is saving me a tremendous amount of time and really streamlined my marketing efforts."

"Sendible made it easy to keep an eye on your social media. An intelligent solution that will help you take advantage of social networks without consuming much of your time."


HootSuite is an excellent place to manage your Twitter presence, although it also has support for most major social media platforms.

Features and Who it's for
  • Simple interface for managing all your social networks
  • Track conversations, measure results and schedule posts
  • Upload mass Twitter updates in one batch from an Excel file
  • Package of convenient tools and tabs to easily keep track of interactions

HootSuite is a must-have for most businesses. The free version of the service is definitely worth a look, even if you're not interested in upgrading straight away.

They're currently using their deep understanding of social media to offer a series of "HootSuite University" social media courses to learn the skills needed for today's media landscape.

"HootSuite is used by a number of our clients and is a solution we find very helpful to aggregate content and collaborate for community management tasks. We use it both internally and with our clients to get questions answered and responses posted quickly and easily. HootSuite has allowed us to minimize the use of email and other project management tools in managing social channels. We're excited for continued improvements to the collaboration tools"

Josh Reed, Almighty


Tweetdeck is a Twitter client that allows you to manage multiple accounts simultaneously, giving users increased flexibility and insight into their Twitter presence.

Features and Who it's for
  • Straight-forward Twitter interface
  • Scheduling function and multiple columns for organising
  • Customisable display and alerts for personalised content
  • Clear help and support sections
  • Focused on Twitter content and management

Tweetdeck is great for businesses who have a strong Twitter involvement but also extremely useful to those hoping to improve their presence. It makes organised and functional tweeting easy, across multiple accounts.

Raven Social Media Management

Raven's social media tool incorporates a wide range of functions into one account to manage your social media campaigns and engagement, across different platforms and accounts.

Features and Who it's for
  • Manage your social activity and searches through one stream
  • Monitor social media for keywords and industry topics
  • Incorporate Google Analytics to look at business impact of campaigns
  • Manage personas across dozens of accounts
  • Monitor Facebook, Twitter and Youtube accounts

Engage with and analyse all your social media campaigns with one management system, personalised to your needs to make the most of your social media marketing.


Buffer is a clever app to ensure consistent social-media presence. You simply fill up the buffer with content, and it will automatically post it for you throughout the day. It has a focus on authentic posts with no short-cuts.

Features and Who it's for
  • Allows you to post to multiple platforms easily and quickly.
  • Provides free analytics on all your posts detailing likes, shared and re-tweets.
  • Anyone from a team can help to manage the app.
  • Plans available for businesses and agencies with additional features, allowing an increased number of social-accounts, and team members.

"The most elegant Web app I uses regularly is @bufferapp. The pro version is worth it."

"No doubt about it, @bufferapp customer service is second to none. If you're not using it, you should be asking yourself why."


Followerwonk is a tool that allows users to analyse their Twitter account. It provides information about followers such as where they are located, and when they tweet, and helps users to find and connect with influencers within their niche.

Features and Who it's for
  • Good for those who run more than one Twitter account, as it lists all variations of followers without duplications.
  • Allows you to determine your over-all audience reach.
  • Can view overlaps of followers from a number of accounts. It can break this information down into raw numbers and individual users with diagrams.
  • Allows you to compare your activity with competitors

"FollowerWonk is a wonderful little tool released by the brilliant minds at SEOMoz that will help you connect with the right people on Twitter."

Caitlin Muir, Author Media:Growing Your Platform Online


Social Flow is a tool aimed at getting the content and timing of Tweets right. It does this by using a scientific approach to predict when there is optimal audience availability, and interest for a particular tweet.

Features and Who it's for
  • Send the right message, to the right audience, at the right time
  • Uses predictive analytics to determine the value of content on the social graph.
  • Identifies linguistic patterns to predict attention, and topic relevance.
  • Detects and buys the ideal keywords, that are most likely to get the highest-return.

"Lifestyle brands compete with 30 billion status updates for attention, interest and mindshare every day. SocialFlow's suite of services are some of the tools we use to make sure we are interacting with our audience when they are most likely to pay attention and engage. They help us win the fight in this new marketing battlefield."

George Smith, Senior Global Digital and Social Strategy Manager, PepsiCo

"The ability of the SocialFlow software to pinpoint timing on posts has helped drive interest in conversations and curate additional content relevant to the conversations from elsewhere in the ‘social verse.' They've helped IGN become the #1 voice on Twitter in the gaming vertical!"

Stephanie Sawler, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, IGN Entertainment.


Sprout Social is a social-media management platform. It combines analytics, social-feed aggregation, social publishing and team management.

Features and Who it's for
  • Works for businesses of all sizes
  • Can provide stats of clients you're managing and in depth comparisons.
  • Initial walkthrough of steps to add in your social media account
  • Analyses your online situation, and provides a score based on how well you're communicating with your audience.
  • Aggregates comments, messages, and interactions from Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter in one feed.
  • Allows the user to post to different accounts from the social-media dashboard, and to schedule posts for the future.
  • Can utilize a built-in RSS feed to quickly find content to share.

"Great tools, awesome customer service and the pricing is amazing for the value you receive! I highly recommend!"

Dustin De Torres, Social Media Manager, Highwinds

"By far the best option we found for managing and analysing performance of over 50 Twitter accounts for our states."

Brad Schenck, Digital Training Director, 2012.

"Huge fan. I've used many apps before but Sprout has some of the best reporting for teams using social media I have found."

Koka Sexton, Director of Social Media Strategy, Inside View.


SocialBro is a free Chrome app that manages and analyses your Twitter account. However, the free version can only be accessed from the computer it was downloaded on. Paid versions are cloud based services, allowing you to access your account from different platforms.

Features and Who it's for
  • Offers a variety of paid plans for individual users, and small to large businesses. The free version is unsuitable for companies.
  • Analyses your community, and presents the results in a colourful interactive interface.
  • Analysis of the best time to tweet.
  • Can only post tweets instantaneously, as there is no scheduling feature.
  • Many features such as the ability to analyse competitors accounts, are only available with paid versions.

"I'd say @socialbro is the best (reasonably priced) twitter management & insights tool out there. Highly recommend."


"Just trying out @SocialBro and I must say I love it. Intuitive, nice dashboard view, easy to add/remove followers, will go for paid version."

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Link profile tools

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is an excellent tool for obtaining raw data to work from. Rather than simply feeding you a selection of statistics, OSE presents you with all the information that it can find on your site, leaving it up to you to filter the information yourself.

Features and Who it's for
  • Presents every easily-found link pointing at your site
  • Incredible breadth and depth of understanding of your link profile
  • Ability to check domain authority, subdomain authority and broad metrics

OSE provides useful analytics for SEOs, which can be used as an easily accessible alternative to PageRank for determining the general 'SEO quality' of a site.

The free version has restricted features and a daily search limit but you can try out the full edition for free.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO actually includes more data from a deeper web crawl than Open Site Explorer does, resulting in a tool which is arguably better for micro-managing your link profile and picking up on every link.

The flip-side of this particular coin is that the link profile can be misinterpreted by the novice SEO as being more positive than it actually is, as more links are included which have less value from Google's point of view.

Features and Who it's for
  • Capable of crawling and indexing large amounts of web data
  • 'Fresh' and 'Historic' indexes updated daily
  • Bucket list option to collect and export information of groups of links
  • 'Date Lost' and 'Date Found' dates for each link to track deleted links or sites that go down

Majestic's huge index can give you better understanding of your unique link community.


Ahrefs is a lesser known but highly sophisticated toolset for checking links, with a wide range of useful features. With a massive index of live links and a comprehensive suite of tools this is the ultimate link building tool for SEOs.

Features and Who it's for
  • Toolset including site explorer, backlinks report and domain comparison
  • User-friendly overview screens and accessible raw data and detailed reports
  • Exportable data and batch analysis

Together with the free version Ahrefs offers four levels of access, that deliver different layers of reports and queries. The toolset offers an excellent user experience with increasing access to deeper data.

Cognitive SEO

Cognitive SEO is a tool that aims to provide all of the data and analysis necessary for link building campaigns. It offers analysis of inbound and back links, competitor comparison and a space for both link and SEO management.

Features and Who it's for
  • Quickly runs reports on pages or sites, providing you with an overview of metrics.
  • Link previews showing a snapshot of the sight, pinpointing the exact positioning of the link.
  • Data including website classification, alt text, visibility and positioning.
  • Campaign feature gives more in depth information, allowing you to compare multiple sites, and keep track of link growth.
  • Can monitor your top incoming links on a daily basis.
  • Tracks your daily ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Cognitive SEO is ideal for SEO professionals looking to save time and enhance performance.

"Through in-depth analysis, Cognitive SEO provides rich actionable SEO data. Site and link classification are my favourite features."

Yousaf Sekander, Elevatelocal

"This looks like the best implementation of Majestic OpenApps yet! Great looking product."

Dixon Jones, MajesticSEO

Link Research Tools

Link Research Tools is a comprehensive link-building application for SEOs that streamlines the link building process, uncovers new sites to get backlinks from, and checks out what the competition is doing.

Features and Who it's for
  • Displays the top 2,000 links of a domain or page, as well as basic SEO metrics.
  • Quickly compares up to five pages, based on the most important SEO metrics.
  • Analyses your own and competitors' backlinks, as well as the link's value.
  • Analyses all the links to your website, and warns you about suspicious ones.
  • Searches the web for relevant people, and their contact information.

Link Research tools is ideal for those who want a tool to help them with every aspect of link-building. It is useful for the novice SEO, as it provides a metrics guide to help you find the important information.

"The LinkResearchTools is one of the tools our linkbuilders use on a day-to-day basis. It's a great product at an affordable price, and should be in everyone's toolbox."

Marcus Tandler

"If you've ever had that 'Analysis Paralysis' where you can't take any action due to over planning on which links you should go after, then Link Research Tools is the answer!"

Dave Naylor


Who Links To Me is a tool-set for back link analysis and link–building. Reports are designed to make link–building, link profile management, and reputation monitoring quick and easy.

Features and Who it's for
  • Site Overview provides an overall summary of the top information from all reports.
  • Domain report with a detailed list of all sites linking to you and your competitors.
  • Quickly find valuable and viable link targets.
  • Anchor URL report shows you which pages are being linked to, whilst the anchor text report shows all anchor texts for links to a site.
  • Filters URL report by URL, URL title, page rank, anchor text, or anchor URL.
  • Analyses which countries, and top-level domains links come from.

As well as a free subscription, Who Links To Me offers bronze and silver versions. The pricier versions come with more tools, so it is possible to choose a package based on your needs.

" Because I'm a stats junkie and Google isn't always enough."



Hubshout offers a free web grader which allows users to monitor URL backlinks and keyword rankings, and then compare the results against others in the database.

Features and Who it's for
  • Monitors backlinks and gives users a backlink scorecard that includes the website's domain authority
  • Calculates traffic value score
  • Allows you to benchmark your results against others in the database
  • Analyses where you rank in Google for specific key words

The Hubshout web grader is currently a research tool, and is better for those who want a snapshot rather than a comprehensive overview.

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Site structure tools

Xenu Link Sleuth

Xenu's Link Sleuth is a fantastic free app that checks your site for broken links. Performs essential maintenance checks, crawling quickly through even the largest-scale sites.

Features and Who it's for
  • Simple interface
  • Fast and deep crawling capability
  • Identify internal duplicate content issues
  • Optimise load time by finding largest pages or images
  • Runs on all Windows versions but no Mac version is available
  • Huge range of additional uses for site analysis
  • Find any images lacking optimisation

Link Sleuth is a simple tool to ensure the basics of your site are operational, helping you maintain high standards of user experience.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is the new kid on the block. This site evaluation tool was built for SEOs, crawling sites to identify a wider range of issues that form the basis for SEO recommendations.

Features and Who it's for
  • User-friendly interface with intuitive options
  • Tracks crawl levels, links, tags and descriptions
  • Returns additional information to identify broad range of issues
  • Supports both Windows and Macs

Although Screaming Frog is essentially a paid application, the free version, with limited crawling depth, is almost fully functional to get an idea of suitablility for your needs.

Open Site Explorer

One of the great features of OSE is the ability to analyse your internal anchor text profile. Combine this with visualisation tools such as Google Analytics Network Graph or Gephi, and you can see your entire site structure.

Features and Who it's for
  • Full profile of internal links and anchor text
  • Unlimited pages with PRO version
  • Find lost pages or orphaned links

This aspect of the tool is brilliant, not just for capitalising on lost pages, but you can use it for competitor analysis too. Interested where your nearest rivals are focusing their efforts? Simply run an OSE analysis and you'll be able to see where much of their anchor text is pointing. Combine this with the new recency beta and you can get an idea of any recent campaigns.


Eval Access is a tool that evaluates the accessibility of web pages. It presents problems in order of priority, and provides warnings.

Features and Who it's for
  • Checks accessibility based on WAI's WCAG 1.0 guidelines, which aim to make websites more accessible to disabled people.
  • Integrated as a web service to allow any other application to use it.
  • Can evaluate a single URL, website, or HTML source.

Pingdom's full page test tool allows you to analyse the speed that your website loads, and find out how to make it faster. o It identifies which elements are fast, slow or too big, and what important steps you’ve missed.

Features and Who it's for
  • Examines all parts of a web-page including file sizes, load times, HTML, Java Script, CSS files, images and more.
  • Provides performance-related statistics based upon the test results.
  • Offers tips by checking how your website conforms to performance-best practices from Google Page Speed.
  • Saves previous tests so that you can see how your website is improving.
  • Shows you how fast your website would load at locations around the world.

Pingdom is designed to be useful to both experts and novices. It is an easy-to-use tool for web-masters and web-developers, to improve the performance of their websites.

"Pingdom provides us around the globe data regarding the Evernote service: is it up and is it performing. The service is great and helps me sleep at night, knowing we have that extra set of eyes watching the service."

Alexei Rodriguez, VP of Operations, Evernote

"Pingdom provides us a basic but vital and well-priced service and I have been very happy with it over the past year."

Jonathan Howell, CTO, Huddle


XML Site Maps can build sitemaps from scratch, inform you if there are any problems with your sitemap, and submit them to the major search engines.

Features and Who it's for
  • Optionally pings search engines with the location of your sitemap including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and
  • Provides a free online sitemap generator that will create an XML sitemap from scratch
  • Can create a text sitemap so that you have a list of all your pages.
  • Generates a HTML sitemap so that human visitors can easily navigate your site.
  • Search Engine Bot Simulator can check which links search engines can find on your page.

A number of XML Site Maps' SEO tools are offered for free, without subscription. There is a free version of the sitemap generator, but there are also paid unlimited and pro-service options available.

"What a wonderful tool! The Standalone Sitemap Generator is a must-have for any serious web professional. I'm not exaggerating when I say that this product will save me several days work in the course of an average month.The online tool is also a gem.Thanks so much,"

Bette Brennan,Forayweb.

"Do yourself a favor and pick up this handy little script if you're looking for an effective and EASY TO USE Google site map generator. It's probably one of the best search engine optimization tools I've ever purchased."

Stephen Ralph, - online affiliate program directory.

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Traffic content tools

Google Analytics

The free Google Analytics tool offers impressive data quality that attracts both expert users and analysts new to the field. Its depth of data gives real insight into your web traffic and is the staple of many SEO, marketing and digital agencies, as well as small to medium businesses.

Features and Who it's for
  • Intuitive dashboard, that is customisable for individual needs
  • Tracks all referral visitors, from search engines, social media and direct visits
  • Provides information for optimisation improvements
  • Advanced features with default and custom reports

Google Analytics is an easily-implemented tool that can offer unparalleled insights into site traffic with new features being added and updated all the time.

Google Webmaster Tools

Developing in parallel to SEO demands, Google Webmaster Tools is a great tool for driving traffic to your site. By supplying vast amounts of relevant data the toolset helps to analyse and improve your website's visibility.

Features and Who it's for
  • Tests your sitemap for errors
  • Provides information on broken links, both internal and from other locations
  • Integrates social data and search information

The continued development of the toolset encourages improved site optimisation while still providing highly significant metrics and data.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Google isn't the only search engine and Bing Webmaster Tools provide similarly high-quality and informative metrics, helping to make sure your site is visible with key information about where to improve and expand for increased traffic.

Features and Who it's for
  • Helps make sure sites are found and indexed by Bing and Yahoo searches
  • Metrics and reports that highlight areas to focus on for increased traffic
  • Notification of malware issues
  • Scans and recommends site improvements

Bing Webmaster Tools helps to ensure that your site is accessible and visible outside of Google, maximising traffic across search engines.

Raven Metrics Tools

Raven Metrics tools provide you with the best data to manage the progress and success of your online marketing campaigns.

Features and Who it's for
  • Straight-forward integrated dashboard
  • Integrated Google Analytics
  • Built-in keyword and social analytics
  • Facebook insights and Twitter metrics
  • Show progress across all your campaigns and sites

Raven's Metrics helps to simplify complicated analytics, helping you to track the success of your internet marketing.


Kissmetrics' analytical software approaches data from a customer-centric view. Rather than focusing on pageviews information is centred on customer behaviour; presenting you with actionable insights that track your important customers before and after they signed up.

Features and Who it's for
  • Track person-centric data straight from your site or database
  • Integration with other software services, including your CRM
  • Track events in real-time alongside ad hoc reporting
  • Uses and analyses your historic data
  • Customisable data views to compare customer behaviour
  • Multiple programming libraries available

Kissmetrics wants to help you understand your customers. See your analytics from the viewpoint of your customers and their actions with their free trial or demo.

Lead Converter

Lead Converter is an easy-to-use application that helps you track, engage and convert your site-visitors into customers. It allows you to send the right message to the right visitors at the right time and improve your conversion rate.

Features and Who it's for
  • Use real-time analytics to learn when visitors exit your conversion funnels
  • Create efficient offers for specific visitor segments, using multiple types of widgets
  • Customizable look and feel of your widgets
  • A/B testing for your offers and messages
  • Keep track of your visitors' browsing history

Lead Converter helps online businesses detect the reason their visitors won't convert and bring forward better converting offers, adjusted to their visitors' needs.

"I love LeadConverter because it gives you a way to listen to your audience and gather more insights from your visitors. In less than 30 days, I was able to see a 17% increase in blog traffic and 13% increase in revenue.

Eugen Oprea - Owner at Elevatr

"Within 30 days, LeadConverter helped us increase by 23% the number of new trials on our website, which lead to a 10% increase in revenue. It's amazing how straightforward the feedback was"

George Bina - Owner, Syncro Soft


Clicktracks, by Lyris HQ, is a website analysis is a website analysis tool that offers an easy way to understand how visitors interact with your website. It uses clickstream analysis to understand how people click through your website.

Features and Who it's for
  • Utilizes log file analysis to display where people click, how long they stay and much more.
  • Focuses on the important data, displaying visitor patterns on the pages of your website.
  • Ability to separate people into groups, according to what marketing program generated the referral.
  • 'Tag' visitors based on common criteria
  • Compare different visitor's behaviour.

Clicktracks can be used by individuals and large enterprises. It offers a range of versions to cater for the needs of different users.

"From the demo I saw (of the Pro version), ClickTracks has found the endzone with the 6.0 release, and they've done it with style.

Andrew Goodman, Traffick


StatCounter is a free tool for visitor analysis, that enables you to monitor human activity in real-time. It's easy to use and install, only requiring you to add a few lines of code to your site.

Features and Who it's for
  • Track multiple websites.
  • Display the unique, returning and total number of posts.
  • Popular pages summary.
  • Set up email reports with unlimited recipients.
  • Grant project access to team members, and clients.
  • Track the external links visitors click on.
  • Track file downloads from your site.

"I noticed how the frequency of hits reported by StatCounter closely followed customer phone enquiries, peaking at the start of the week. In some cases I could match customers to the detailed paths they took through the site, and could see which business areas customers were most interested in."

Deirdre McGowan, Lawyer,

"A very very efficient tool to track website user statistics. It is highly user friendly and no need to be an expert to configure the details. I highly recommend StatCounter." - 28th March 2013


Crazy Egg helps you understand how people interact with your site by showing you where people click. All it requires is a small piece of Java script to be placed on your site pages. You can review 'click' reports on the dashboard in your member's area.

Features and Who it's for
  • Four available reports
  • Heatmap shows you where people have clicked on your site
  • Confetti contains statistical information such as referrals, and the operating system or browser type the viewer used
  • Lists presents the data in a list format
  • Overlay gives more detailed information about the different elements on your site pages

"On, we actually did a full site redesign based on the information collected from our Crazy Egg Heatmaps."

Gal Zhovnirovsky,

"Crazy Egg helped us distinguish which links our customers were clicking on"

Nathan Decker,


Click Tale is an industry leader of in-page analytics, focusing on what visitors do within your site pages by heat mapping, conversion analytics, and tracking mouse clicks.

Features and Who it's for
  • Watch natural recordings of your visitor's full browsing sessions
  • Heat Map Suite provides a visual display of where visitors focus and click on a web page
  • Find out exactly how far down visitors scroll, and exactly where they abandon the website
  • Conversion analytics helps you to understand and improve your online conversion process

A useful program for SEO professionals who want to know more about how users interact with different sites.

"We've already noticed our conversion rate has TRIPLED, and the number of clicks required to convert has reduced dramatically.""

Ben Sebborn, Skiddle Ltd

"Our CEO loves it! We thought certain elements on our site were really important, but our visitors told us otherwise. We're ecstatic with the results.""

Scott Baylor,


Spring Metrics can help increase your website conversions by segmenting your user traffic and then delivering personalised content.

Features and Who it's for
  • Customise offers based on audience behaviour
  • Deliver personalised messages to each visitor
  • Review which promotions are working the best
  • Use Smart Social for similar services for social media.
  • Conversion tracking enables you to see which visitors convert and where they came from

A great tool for e-commerce websites that want to differentiate their audience and increase their conversions.

"We quite literally have a 100x ROI on one of our campaigns! It's hard not to like that!

Keith, Creative Kidstuff

"Since I started using Smart Offers for my mailing list, my new subscriber rate has more than doubled.

Tom, WindowBlindOutlet


Experian Hitwise produces a web-based tool that monitors consumer behaviour and trends across more than one million websites, and fifty million search terms. It provides an insight into your specific target audience to understand their needs and behaviours.

Features and Who it's for
  • Data refreshed on a daily basis, to produce relevant and accurate insights
  • Comprehensive overview of the competitive landscape in your industry sector
  • Customer segmentation and targeting tools reveal the demographic and behavioural characteristics of visitors to yours and your competitors’ site
  • Make timely decisions based on what people are actually searching for

"The Australian domestic air travel market is a very competitive environment. With Hitwise we are able to monitor on a daily basis, the success of our marketing campaigns, as well as the marketing efforts of competitors. The service is essential for understanding which offers customers responded to, which assists in the development of new online ticket offers."


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Keyword research tools

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

The Google Adwords Keyword tool is incredibly handy, allowing research into which revelant keywords are most suitable for your site and business.

Features and Who it's for
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Returns search results broken down into local and global searches, competition and related keywords
  • Options filtered by location and language
  • Results exportable into .csv files

An essential tool for successful SEO, giving you indispensible information on keyword potential to improve SERP rankings and direct more traffic to your content.


Ubersuggest is a free keyword research tool, which targets long-tail phrases. Extremely useful for converting generic search terms into longer tailed keywords, that can be used to optimise your content and as great suggestions for topics and new ideas.

Features and Who it's for
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Integrates a number of different searches into one results page
  • Includes web, news, shopping and video suggestions
  • Ability to sort and save specific results to your basket

Ubersuggest takes generic keywords and suggests more specific long-tail forms, important for improving site optimisation and generating interesting and relevant content.

Google Insights / Trends

Google Trends gives you insight into what the world, and your target audience, is searching for online. Google Trends and Google Insights for Search have been merged into the new Google Trends.

Always being updated and improved, the free tool offers awareness of the popularity of keywords and search terms relevant to your business.

Features and Who it's for
  • Straight-forward graphical representation of results
  • Allows results to be filtered by region and time period
  • Compiles a 'Hot Searches' list for the fastest rising search terms in the U.S
Youtube Keyword Research Tool

A successful online marketing campaign can't afford to ignore the popularity of video-sharing sites. YouTube's Keyword Research tool offers information on popular and relevant search queries, helping you make sure your video content has an audience, guiding you to creating original campaigns based on interest and behaviours.

Features and Who it's for
  • Similar to Google Keyword's appearance and functionality
  • Search options including descriptive keywords or demographic information
  • Results sorted by relevance and search volume

WebMeUp is online SEO software with a strong focus on technology and the latest SEO trends. Users get (DELETE a) speedy access to fresh, current and abundant SEO data at the lowest price on the market.

Features and Who it's for
  • 15-day fully functional free trial
  • The entire SEO strategy and workflow are presented as an ecosystem in one convenient dashboard
  • 300+ search engines, both basic and local
  • Keyword research and efficiency analysis
  • Daily and weekly rank checks (depending on a plan)
  • Website structure and performance analysis
  • On page SEO metrics, backlink research, social media metrics and more.
  • For internet marketers and SEOs

"WebMeUp is an online SEO tool that offers a lot of functionality in one single app. App is good for both novice and advanced marketers."


"I liked the tool and it covers all the major things you will need for your SEO"



Wordtracker is an industry standard keyword research tool. Its simple and intuitive interface means that you can quickly generate thousands of keywords. The tool focuses on finding the real terms that people are using in search engines.

Features and Who it's for
  • Has over 320 million keywords for you to choose from, and 95 million search engine keywords.
  • Organises your information, and allows you to access it from any device.
  • Provides competitive data to help you narrow down keywords to those most likely to be successful.
  • Impressive support system in the form of free training videos, webinars, e-books, and articles.

Wordtracker is ideal for SEO professionals who want to speed up their keyword research, dig deeper for high value keywords, and identify profitable niche markets. The simple interface, and extensive support materials make it suitable for people with less experience.

"One of my favourite keyword tools is Wordtracker. For most any term, it gives you 200-300 related words and phrases that real people have recently typed into search engines. Wordtracker gives you profitable keywords you'd never have thought of on your own."

Perry Marshall, Best-selling author and leading authority on Google advertising

"If you are serious about SEO, then Wordtracker is an essential investment, a must have resource for any search-engine marketing professional."

Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Land.

Bing Keyword Research

Bing's keyword research tool helps you find keywords and content ideas, based on what people are actually searching for.

Features and Who it's for
  • All keyword suggestions and query volumes are based on organic search, providing you with accurate data, and the most natural ideas.
  • Doesn't show averages, and provides you with stats and suggestions from up to six months of historical data.
  • Can find keywords in a wide range of languages, and from different countries, meaning that you can match them to the market you are targeting.
  • Research history of up to 25 keywords gives you quick access to previous topics.
  • Displays related phrases to give you ideas about what areas to expand into.

Bing's keyword research tool is a great alternative to Google Adwords, for SEO professionals who want to try a lesser-known keyword tool used by fewer competitors.

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Tool Set tools


SEOmoz offer a comprehensive set of SEO tools from one of the biggest and most recognisable SEO communities. Being constantly updated and expanded, it places users at the forefront of SEO analytics and metrics.

Features and Who it's for
  • Whole range of SEO tools in one package
  • Straight forward management platform
  • Additional 'Pro perks', including industry discounts on related tools and conference tickets
  • Provides analysis, tracking and recommendations across all aspects of SEO

Recommended for in-house SEOs, who are active in the community and performing in-depth optimisation.


WEBCEO led the SEO software industry before SEOmoz was founded to pioneer cloud-based tools. The launch of Web CEO Online has maintained their huge digital agency & corporate clientele profile.

Features and Who it's for
  • True white label functionality so that SEO reports can be read on an agency's own website
  • SEO tool users can let their customers log-on to collaborate on the SEO tool user's website
  • Extended rank results and sub-folder rank checking, including Google Places and Google Images, not just in the organic rankings
  • Allows users to check how specific sections of their websites are performing.

This simple and fast toolset is a great way to start for beginner SEOs and small agencies

SEO Quake

SEO Quake is a convenient analytical SEO tool, originally created as an extension to Mozilla Firefox but now available across multiple platforms.

Features and Who it's for
  • Wide range of customisable parameters
  • Shows values under each search result across search engines
  • SEObar version for active and updated optimisation information when browsing
Raven Tools

Raven offers a comprehensive set of tools to help you manage all aspects of your internet marketing strategy. Including over 30 tools, Raven covers all the SEO and digital marketing tasks you need.

Features and Who it's for
  • Incorporates SEO, social media and PPC advertising
  • Integrated tools that work together
  • Works well with Google Analytics
  • New Chrome Toolbar
  • Regular improvement and additions

From content and link-building to metrics and reporting, their integrated tools are great for those that are looking for a one-stop shop for online marketing.

SEO Powersuite

Link Assistant's SEO Powersuite is one of the most comprehensive SEO toolkits. It is split into four software packages; Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO Spyglass, and Link Assistant that give you a lot of the information you need in each area.

Features and Who it's for
  • Frequent updates so that no change in search engines goes unnoticed.
  • Works equally well for PCs and Macintosh.
  • Rank Tracker includes modules for keyword research, and fast search-engine ranking tracking.
  • Website Auditor deals with website structure, and content SEO optimization.
  • SEO Spyglass finds over 10,000 competitor backlinks, and informs link-building strategy.
  • Link Assistant works for all link management tasks.

SEO Powersuite is ideal for SEO professionals, who want to get all of their tools from one platform. It is designed to be easy-to-use, even for those with no previous knowledge.

"I have already had some very effective results with these SEO tools in just 24 hours!I was nervous that by targeting on keyword phrase I would hurt the other. Doesn't look like it so far! We went to #3 and #1 on Google and broke into the first page of Bing. Thanks!!!"

Paul Conant, Family&Cosmetic Dentistry of Fairfield

"We've seen organic search engine traffic triple I am very impressed with SEO PowerSuite tools. Not only are the programs updated with phenomenal frequency to make sure we have the latest and greatest search engine intelligence, but new features are added all the time. An excellent return on our investment. We've seen organic search engine traffic triple since using the tools to measure and improve our site. Thanks!"

Brandon Smith, Owner, OpenGate Software


Semrush is professional software for search and marketing professionals. It focuses on maximising traffic, and helps with keyword research, Google Adwords research, and competitor analysis.

Features and Who it's for
  • Created by SEO/SEM professionals, for SEO/SEM professionals..
  • Relates all data to relative commercial value.
  • Easy Google Adwords competitor analysis.
  • Clearly displays competitor's organic positions.
  • Tracks the top 95 million keywords by volume in a number of different databases, for local and international versions of Bing and Google
  • Plots numerous SEO metrics clearly, on various types of chart.

"I've used a lot of keyword research tools out there, the free ones and the paid ones, but everything pales in comparison with SEMrush."

Mr. Brown SEO

"It does so much work in the difficult chore of keyword analysis that once you use it you will realize how off-base you might have been in your pre-SEMrush efforts."

Baba Pandey

Market Samurai

Market Samurai is a desktop solution that helps you to identify the opportunities that exist in your market place, and avoid common SEO mistakes. It boasts a number of unusual features such as visualisations into keyword difficulty, and help looking up exact match domains.

Features and Who it's for
  • Provides a search-friendly way to structure your website.
  • Tells you how to determine what SEO activities you need to do to beat top-ranked competitors.
  • Helps you make your site clearer, and more accessible.
  • Aids in identifying key words with commercial value.

Market Samurai's focus on explanation and teaching makes it ideal for novice SEO professionals.

"@MarketSamurai Been using the heck out of #MarketSamuari to get #keywords for each #post. What a #powerful tool!"



Hubspot offers a complete set of tools for inbound marketing. The software package has three main categories; tools to attract visitors, tools to convert leads, and tools to close customers.

Features and Who it's for
  • Attract visitors with blogging software that integrates with SEO and social media, keyword research, competition tracking, and advice on how to produce great content
  • Convert leads with lead segmentation, offers that can change depending on who is viewing them, and easy landing page and form templates.
  • Close customers with personalised emails, timed follow up emails and analytics
  • integration gives teams the information they need to close sales

Hubspot's all in one marketing software works seamlessly, meaning that you don't have to spend time cobbling different tools together.

"Working with HubSpot on defining new and refining existing critical business process has been invaluable. I believe that we are now optimized for lead capture, lead scoring and nurture and lead-to-opportunity conversion."

Tracy Foster,

""We've not simply adopted the software, but what we've done is completely redeveloped our business in building out a full methodology that we both use for our sales and for our customers.""

John Hornell, CEO at Brightfire

Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking is a suite of SEO tools that offers a full website audit and competitor analysis.

Features and Who it's for
  • Monitors your rankings for keywords, and notifies you if they change
  • Produces comprehensive and insightful SEO reports that your clients can view online
  • Syncs with Google Analytics to improve your SEO reports
  • Complete SEO audit, that can crawl websites and identify any problems
  • Competition and link analysis, social media monitoring, keyword research and more

The capability to produce professional reports, and reliable data makes it ideal for SEO professionals looking for a suite of tools.

"Advanced Web Ranking has been at the core of my rankings data collection process for a very long time. The reason why I use it / recommend it, is because it's the best!"

Richard Baxter - Founder,

"AWR is a top notch product used by many of the members here at SeoBook, including myself. As a full-featured SEO software, it's at the top of my list."

Aaron Wall - Founder, SEO


Microsoft Office has a free SEO toolkit that offers detailed analysis and search engine friendly suggestions.

Features and Who it's for
  • Increase traffic and revenue through analysis and suggestions
  • Keep search engines updated on the latest information from your website, and control the access and display of your content in search results
  • Improve the user experience of your website by solving common problems in content and design
  • Toolkit tutorials make it suitable for novice SEOs.

The Free SEO Toolkit has proved to be an invaluable resource in helping our Bing webmaster/SEO community analyze their websites, identify areas to optimize and improve traffic. It's the most popular resource on the Bing Toolbox site!"

Liz Tassey, Group Product Marketing Manager, Bing


Trellian's SEO software is a comprehensive tool for optimising and promoting web pages. All SEO tools are integrated into one interface making the software easy to navigate.

Features and Who it's for
  • Automatically submits your site to hundreds of search engines
  • Checks your rankings on all the biggest search engines
  • Keyword Manager is a keyword research tool that maintains a master list of keywords and phrases.
  • Competitor analysis identifies competitor traffic sources, and the specific pages driving this traffic
  • Google Site Map Generator crawls sites automatically

"Just thought I would mention that my site Whatever Australia is listed at number one on Web Wombat using the keyword "search engine optimization" - thanks to PrioritySubmit and Trellian SEO Toolkit."

Jim Hammond,

"Since I ordered your "SEO Toolkit" my site position has moved up twice in less than a month. I've moved up more than 200,000 positions, and rising. I'm still teaching myself how each one works, my wife uses "SubmitWolf Pro." She handles the submissions. She likes it a lot. I'm real pleased with Trellian quality software. That's why I'm an affiliate."

Ron Underhill

Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis is an SEO toolkit that provides some useful tools for site optimisation and increasing traffic.

Features and Who it's for
  • Performs a full SEO analysis on any website, uncovering technical mistakes that could affect rankings
  • Monitors competitors and identifies which keywords they are using
  • Monitors your search engine rankings
  • Finds respected link partners to easily build backlinks

Traffic Travis is a simple set of tools that would suit small businesses and novice SEOs.

"Over the past 6 months, the learning curve has been steep, but the results are finally materializing. This February, my site reached over 10,000 unique visitors, and is oftentimes close to 1,000 visitors daily."

Andrew Kieser,Business Dev, Instant Front Page

"Since investing the time to learn good SEO strategies, using tools such as Traffic Travis, we have come to dominate our specific niche, event photography for the Asian community in the UK."

Clwyd Probert, Director, Pixcellence Photography

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Other tools


With both link-building and outreach tools available, Buzzstream is great for helping you manage your word-of-mouth marketing campaigns by connecting you and your content with social influencers in your target market. The toolset minimises the time and confusion of content marketing by helping you create a buzz in the right circles.

Features and Who it's for
  • Simple one-click influencer research.
  • Automated contact rating system and metric collection
  • Centralised sortable database of contacts
  • Straight-forward relationship history
  • Generates pitch response rate as measure of effectiveness
  • All information in one uncomplicated interface

The Buzzstream toolset is always improving with new features being added regularly to better build and manage PR relationships with influencers that matter to your audience.

Redirect Check

Redirect Check is a useful tool which ensures redirects to your site are correctly configured and search engine friendly so your site doesn't lose search engine traffic.

Features and Who it's for
  • Checks exact HTTP headers for responses
  • Extracts HTTP status code for headers to check for valid HTTP 301
Web Sniffer

Web Sniffer is an online HTTP sniffer which shows both request and response headers and returned content for HTTP server monitoring.

Features and Who it's for
  • Ability to choose request method
  • Search engine redirect integrated

Once you've created valuable content, it's important to protect it. Copyscape is a free resource that protects content and prevents duplicates by checking the web for plagiarism.

Features and Who it's for
  • Finds online copies of your web pages
  • Powerful solutions to prevent fraud and theft of your content
  • Copysentry application available for full protection, supported by email alerts
  • Free plagiarism warning banners
  • Complete guide to online plagiarism

"love your work!!! there are just too many thieves out there stealing peoples work. Keep it up!!!"

T. Nixon

"I work as a content provider on the internet. My day is always packed full of creating new content for my clients. One of the best tools I use for my clients is Copyscape. I love that there's the ability that I can show my clients that the content I am providing them is 100% unique. So just wanted to say thank you to the Copyscape team!"

The Entire Hire Writers Team

"Thanks to you, I found out that somebody has stolen my site and have fired off a threatening letter... Very cool site."

M. Dare

Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights provides page owners and developers with data about their content. It analyses trends about usage and demographics, as well as consumption and creation of content.

Features and Who it's for
  • Only page administrators, app owners and domain administrators can view insight data for properties they own or administer.
  • Insights for domains offers a consolidated view of key metrics for any website, even those that have not implemented a Facebook platform.
  • Helps you to build the best possible experience for people using your app, by providing insights on its usage.

Facebook Insights is a handy tool for businesses or individuals to gain a better understanding about how their audience interacts with their Facebook page or app.

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