Group grove at LinkLove 2013

There was no shortage of style and substance at the final LinkLove conference delivered by Distilled and a very classy event it was too.

This is a roundup of all the actionable tips you need from LinkLove 2013. The takeaways from conferences are the most valuable bits, whether it’s new learning or relationships, or even just the reassurance that you are doing the right things, the real ROI comes from what action you take. Distilled’s conferences are packed with actionable tips so here is what you need to know from 2013. Basically #RCS works, just do it! Continue Reading

evergreen content

Seeing the term ‘SEO’ hanging out alongside the words ‘budget review’ on a Board Meeting Agenda can be more terrifying for a CEO than a high court injunction. SEO can be one of those often unquantifiable black holes that seem to suck budgets into a vortex of cash munching mayhem (if this is the case then you obviously aren’t one of our customers. Yet…).


The resulting palpitations means a visit to Cardiac Monitors R Us, and that doesn’t fit into your schedule. So what do you do? Continue Reading

Penguin Looking Into Camera

It’s a slow week for SEO. And, in an industry where we’re used to changes at an alarming pace, newsletter editors can get a little bit desperate when there isn’t much to write about.

Not that this is an acceptable excuse for being caught in a zoo enclosure dressed like Bill Oddie trying to explain the game of Monopoly to a waddle of increasingly agitated penguins.

So read on for mildly interesting stuff on Google search bars, Google+ and how leaving your computer on at night might one day save lives. Continue Reading

Sunshine - Colm Hebblethwaite - 18.02.13

By Colm Hebblethwaite

The economic storm that has raged for the last couple of years has left most industries cowering under shelter, as social unrest and tension continues to bubble up around the world. In the midst of all this, the SEO industry seems to stride through the chaos unharmed; growing healthily year on year.

During 2012 there were 9.1 million searches for terms related to SEO services, companies and tools. There were 13 million published blog posts with “SEO” in their titles all over the web and the mighty Amazon was stocking well over 2,696 books on the topic.

What this all means is profit, both for the marketeers and their clients when they see increased revenue from more traffic and more conversions.  But is that it? SEO is, after all, not fundamentally about profit but is about increasing exposure and spreading messages (brand or otherwise), which can  lead to future profits.

So, is it possible to harness the power of SEO for promoting good causes without profit as a motive? Continue Reading

Zombie Stop Sign - Dave Langdale - 14.02.13

There comes a time in every Newsletter Editor’s tenure when they lose the plot entirely. They bathe in ale, eat Poundshop rice pots for lunch and come to work in a snorkel. Apart from poisoning colleagues with a deadly combination of stout and chemically infused ‘Sweet & Sour Chicken’, it appears they also direct irrational hatred towards their stories.

So read on for mentally unstable attacks on Google personnel, Microsoft and drivers in the UK. I think there’s some news in there too. Somewhere… Continue Reading

Dead End 404 - Holly Hayman - 25.01.13

Think of the internet as a room jammed full of people – and you’re speed dating.

The spammers are talking very loudly in quasi-American slang about Mulberry handbags and time-shares. Fashion bloggers are on the left dressed like homeless chimney sweeps. There are coffee-wired reviewers on the right, scantily-dressed social networks lining the walls and a gaggle of gossip columns all trying to catch your eye. No, no and no.

Then all of a sudden, “wow”: perfect hair, perfect clothes and smelling like fresh linen and Mama’s apple pie. You get up the courage to say something and tap them on the shoulder and you’re met with… a blank stare. Maybe a twitch. Not very friendly. How can you make a 404 a destination page in its own right? Continue Reading

Cold Blue Bean - Dave Langdale - 16.01.13

So it’s 2013 and I imagine many of us are fruitlessly trying to cling onto our New Year’s resolutions like an alcoholic’s resolve in the aftershave aisle. Mine was to stop dressing up recently thawed fish and seating them around the dinner table for Sunday lunch. Needless to say I failed miserably.

It seems that the resolution of the SEO world is to roll out predictions for Google’s antics over the coming year and sit with their fingers crossed hoping they come true. And, if they’re anything like me, they’ll be doing it sat fully clothed in the bath, listening to Classic FM and writing Relocation Relocation fan fiction where every episode ends with “and that’s how Kirstie died”.

But we’re not concerned with the future in this newsletter. So read on for stuff about iOS 6 analytics issues, Google patents and some sad news. Continue Reading

AuthrorRank SEO Prediction - Dave Langdale 14.01.12

AuthorRank isn’t exactly revolutionary news for 2013. Speculation about its implementation has been growing furiously ever since this Google patent was released in 2011:

“The digital signatures can be used to influence the ranking of web search results by indicating the agent responsible for a particular content piece. In one implementation, the reputation for an agent is expressed as a numerical score. A high reputational score indicates that the agent has an established positive reputation.” – Google Patent (11 May, 2011)

Because of this, and the multitude of useful articles out there about it already, making a prediction about the timing of the update or the possible factors involved in measuring the ranking would be fruitless to the point of lunacy.

So instead, I’ll be prophesying what impact it will have on SEO. Continue Reading

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