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session 1 – david mihm: the need to know of local seo

30% of all searches are local on desktop, 50% on mobile.

Mobile SEO used to look much like anything else – 10 blue links. Has been changing since about 09. We’re now seeing author markup, user reviews, local data etc.

Venice blew it open – before about 31% was blended, now it’s way past 60%.

Ranking factors include business name, physical location, customer reviews, references and anchor text, citations etc… Continue Reading

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Hey verily and nay, here doth appear the secondly spun webbing of ‘Oleg Og – Cyber Spider’, a tale of tragedy and fudge.

‘Fudge?’ you cry, ‘I have heard no previous mention of fudge!’

Yes, FUDGE; although the sugary subplot is unlikely to make an appearance until the final moments. Damn it, I’m making this hard to write. Now I need to devise a believable plot including delicious condiments… I accept my own stupid challenge!

For those of you who missed Part 1, you can read it here.

Oleg Og – Cyber Spider

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SEO, over the time that I’ve been working on it, has changed drastically. Back in the mists of time, it was fairly easy to simply create a site, get the title, meta keywords and description tags right, have OK content and you’d rank. Nowadays it’s somewhat more complex.

There’s various aspects that haven’t been traditionally considered part of SEO which have absolutely become part of it. Over a series of posts, I’m going to deconstructing each of these and looking at what needs to be taken in to account as part of it. Continue Reading

Chinatown in San Francisco

When you search, you’re not just looking for a webpage. You’re looking to get answers, understand or explore.Google

This statement from Google is clear. Its mission is changing. Search is developing in a way that means it is no longer about being pointed in the right direction for an answer, but more about providing that answer as soon as the question is asked.

The addition of the knowledge graph is the perfect example of this, with Google offering up key stats and information on specific searches enabling users to find the information they require without the energy sapping click of a mouse through to the ever-reliable Wikipedia. Continue Reading

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It has always struck me as strange that LinkedIn, which was created as a business to business social network specifically designed for networking, had such appalling company pages.

Whilst social networks primarily targeting those people wanting to chat with their friends have pretty good company pages and attract the social media managers of varying companies, LinkedIn started to attract the recruiters and becoming more of a job board, which is disappointing when it has so much more potential.

It appears that LinkedIn have finally realised the error of their ways and are in the process of launching their new and improved company pages. Continue Reading

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Hilarity and joy, festooned with SEO fun and frivolity. Hmm, I may have scuppered myself somewhat during a moment of overselling there, but here’s my mission statement:

On the final Friday of each month I shall attempt to bring a smile to the faces of everyone on planet Earth (not learning from the opening sentence, am I?), even those who have been Pandenguined, accidentally deleted their Googlebase feed, or spilt coffee on their keyboard, short circuiting the delete key while logged into their FTP software at the same time as accidentally knocking their backup drive out of a 50th storey window. Continue Reading


Imagine a future where instead of saying you “Googled” something, you just “Facebooked” it.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated his intentions of exploring the search market with Facebook in a recent interview with Search Engine Land, stating “at some point, we’ll do it”.

This begs a number of questions: Is this about revenue and share price? Is this about creating a new and unique way of getting the answers you need? Or is this about staying in the game? Continue Reading

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