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Online consumers are different from offline consumers. They might be the same people, but the screen and the distance make a huge difference to the way they approach your product, and the ways in which you can approach them.

Consumer psychology is a broad sub-category of psychology, and one which offers as many direct, useful insights as it offers broad, abstract philosophical questions. It covers questions of choice, ethics and free will, but can also explain which colour iPhone you should be promoting on the front page of your eCommerce site.

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Jake Whitely - Usability Coding - 30.07.13

You’ve done your keyword research, you’ve optimised your website until it shines and you are climbing the SERPS. Congratulations.

But hang on. You’ve been so busy wooing the search engines, haven’t you forgotten about someone?

The user.

With everyone talking about SEO and rankings, it’s easy to forget who your business is aimed at. The user is going to be buying what you’re selling and what they want is something easy to use.

People’s habits are changing, and that means your customers. Most significantly they are mobile. Whether they are on a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop, if you want people to use your site it must be able to be used in the right way by the target audience desires. Continue Reading

Dead End 404 - Holly Hayman - 25.01.13

Think of the internet as a room jammed full of people – and you’re speed dating.

The spammers are talking very loudly in quasi-American slang about Mulberry handbags and time-shares. Fashion bloggers are on the left dressed like homeless chimney sweeps. There are coffee-wired reviewers on the right, scantily-dressed social networks lining the walls and a gaggle of gossip columns all trying to catch your eye. No, no and no.

Then all of a sudden, “wow”: perfect hair, perfect clothes and smelling like fresh linen and Mama’s apple pie. You get up the courage to say something and tap them on the shoulder and you’re met with… a blank stare. Maybe a twitch. Not very friendly. How can you make a 404 a destination page in its own right? Continue Reading

Runners - Thomas King - 26.11.12

Usability testing can be an invaluable tool in the arsenal of a digital marketer and web designer.

Get it right, and it can provide solutions to problems that you didn’t even realise existed. But get it wrong and you may end up making unnecessary changes that could negatively impact the performance of your website.

Here are my top tips for getting usability testing right, including some simple things that you need to avoid in order to get the most out of what can be a vital activity. Continue Reading

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