Cold Walk - Holly Hayman - 12.12.12

We’re all pretty sharp when it comes to commercialism. Think Coca-Cola’s Santa Claus, Cadbury Easter eggs and those interesting mascots for the 2012 London Olympic Games. They all have one thing in common – they aren’t anything to do with the original event, but they have become an integral part. This is where SEO link bait comes in: finding a niche in a popular event that you can monopolise and turn into your own recognisable, multi-national conglomerate. Continue Reading


London eye by cuellar

So, another year and another searchlove. Firstly, a huge thanks to all the Distilled crew, but especially to Lynsey and Lauren, without whom searchlove wouldn’t be half the conference it is.

So, with that aside, what have we learned from 2 days of brain-crushing content?

on mobile…

Mobile devices are here to stay. We’ve already passed a billion devices, and that’s set to more than double over the next five years. Put simply, if you don’t have a mobile strategy, you’re going to be out-manoeuvred by your competitors who do. Continue Reading


ndon skyline. Skyline de Londres. by J. A. Alcaide

session 1 – david mihm: the need to know of local seo

30% of all searches are local on desktop, 50% on mobile.

Mobile SEO used to look much like anything else – 10 blue links. Has been changing since about 09. We’re now seeing author markup, user reviews, local data etc.

Venice blew it open – before about 31% was blended, now it’s way past 60%.

Ranking factors include business name, physical location, customer reviews, references and anchor text, citations etc… Continue Reading


Its only one day but its jam packed full of exciting presentations oozing with actionable content and its where the SEO rock stars get their groove on! I was especially looking forward to seeing Rand Fishkin, Will Reynolds and Mike King. When you follow these guys on Twitter you get a feeling for their style and quality of what they have to say, they certainly didn’t disappoint! Continue Reading


Cloaked in secrecy, hiding in the offices of many internet marketing agencies, reside sneaky Bowling Ninjas who, on the quiet, possess legendary skills in the art of Ten Pin Bowling. Sadly, not many of them have taken up residency at Strategy Internet Marketing. Still, not liking to admit to possessing the collective bowling prowess of an out of date tin of Spam, the team decided a mission was needed. A social event was planned to find out answers. Most specifically, one answer. An answer to the ultimate question:

Who at SIM could lob a lump of plastic reactive resin down a bowling alley and cause the most devastating carnage to the neat formation of pins so beautifully arranged at its zenith? Continue Reading

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