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Hey verily and nay, here doth appear the secondly spun webbing of ‘Oleg Og – Cyber Spider’, a tale of tragedy and fudge.

‘Fudge?’ you cry, ‘I have heard no previous mention of fudge!’

Yes, FUDGE; although the sugary subplot is unlikely to make an appearance until the final moments. Damn it, I’m making this hard to write. Now I need to devise a believable plot including delicious condiments… I accept my own stupid challenge!

For those of you who missed Part 1, you can read it here.

Oleg Og – Cyber Spider

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Hilarity and joy, festooned with SEO fun and frivolity. Hmm, I may have scuppered myself somewhat during a moment of overselling there, but here’s my mission statement:

On the final Friday of each month I shall attempt to bring a smile to the faces of everyone on planet Earth (not learning from the opening sentence, am I?), even those who have been Pandenguined, accidentally deleted their Googlebase feed, or spilt coffee on their keyboard, short circuiting the delete key while logged into their FTP software at the same time as accidentally knocking their backup drive out of a 50th storey window. Continue Reading


I believe the Daleks developed Google as part of an intergalactic experiment to prove to the rest of the technologically advanced species of the known macrocosm that they have a point.

When they shout, “Exterminate!” in our general direction, they do so for good reason.

This might sound like the talk of a man who is ten tubs of mental. Not so. I am sane (ish). I have proof. Continue Reading


What a week this has been in search! On Tuesday Google changed the rules in a big way and this time it could have a significant impact on search results. Don’t be alarmed its unlikely to affect your results over night so there is time to embrace the changes that are needed but change is definitely necessary unless you want to risk getting left behind.

Google are constantly updating their algorithm which is why they continue to be the most popular search engine by a country mile. But this week they took a step that forces those serious about the success of their website to sit up and listen – by engaging with Google+. Continue Reading


With fictitious holidays all over us like a bad rash, “Cyber Monday” stands out with the most blatant aim – Getting our money. Still, you have to congratulate whoever came up with this concept, it is genius and it’s bold and not afraid to deliver its message, almost like a Lynx advert, except you’d have to swap the genius part for overt misogyny.

Cyber Monday is the Monday that follows Black Friday; the opening of Christmas gift hunting season on the high street. Continue Reading


You may have noticed in recent months that there is a new version of analytics accessible within your existing account. It looks quite different but has much of the same data. The navigation is organised in a more sensible way and the filtering options & advanced segments are easier to manage. Its a step forward in more ways that just the layout and usability interface.

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Strategy Internet Marketing are seeking to build relationships with talented journalism and creative writing students.

We are currently looking for volunteer bloggers to write interesting and engaging blogs on a wide range of different topics. This is an excellent opportunity for any writers who are looking to gain some valuable industry experience and get published online. Continue Reading


I'm speaking at SMX London AdvancedYes, in case you hadn’t heard, after a two year absence, I’m going to be back speaking at SMX London Advanced. The session (copied from the agenda website) is:

Link Alchemy: Creative Ways Of Conjuring SEO Gold

Despite all the recent changes in search engine algorithms, links remain the single most important part of an effective search marketing campaign. And to successfully compete, you need to go beyond traditional link building techniques to create natural but scalable campaigns. What tools are available to analyse competitor links? What non-traditional channels, such as .edu links and retweets can be used? Our speakers show you how to reinvigorate your link building campaigns and take them to the next level.


I’ll also be co-moderating:

What’s New In Local & Mobile

According to Google, as many as 30% of all search queries have local intent. And according to IDC, more internet-capable mobile devices will be sold this year than computers. In short, local and mobile are both here and huge, and will continue to be an important part of many search marketer’s activities. This session looks at new developments in local search, location services, mobile apps and ads.

  • Moderator: Greg Sterling, Founding Principal, Sterling Market Intelligence
  • Q&A Moderator: Me, Here


It’s an honour to be back speaking to the industry again, and to be back as a participant after an extended period, and I look forward to seeing you all there!

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