With fictitious holidays all over us like a bad rash, “Cyber Monday” stands out with the most blatant aim – Getting our money. Still, you have to congratulate whoever came up with this concept, it is genius and it’s bold and not afraid to deliver its message, almost like a Lynx advert, except you’d have to swap the genius part for overt misogyny.

Cyber Monday is the Monday that follows Black Friday; the opening of Christmas gift hunting season on the high street.

However, instead of scaring shop workers with demanding requests for life perfection, people will face a friendly looking website and avoid the rage caused by too many people in little space.

Though they may still be faced with those annoying pop-up surveys…

The Marketing aspect of Cyber Monday is genius, no question about it. And when there are millions of people flooding the internet with card details at the ready, it’s even more vital to have a functioning website that will not collapse under the pressure of this 24-hour feeding frenzy.

The Virtual Shopping Basket

If the navigation works like a charm, customers are of course more likely to buy the products, but the last hurdle before getting an order in is that dreaded checkout process.

Until then, shoppers are frivolously adding bits and bobs to their virtual baskets, so when it comes to paying, it’s make or break.

Good SEO will not only get customers through the online shopping gates but it will keep them there, preferably with no easy way to navigate away without a page refresh, until they make a purchase that is.

Good Website/Bad Website

An easy to navigate website that finds the right products within seconds will not only satisfy the demanding shopper, but also make them reach again for that worn out piece of plastic.

However, a bad website is the equivalent of a cold atmosphere after stepping into a deserted cafe on a Sunday morning, trying to catch the attention of a grumpy barista, and getting served instant coffee for the price of real espresso (true story).

The experience is spine-chillingly bad, and one vouches to never visit that place ever again.

But with so much competition on the internet matched with its large-scale reach, no one has to.

A website is never the only one of its kind on the global high street, and so this reception is the last thing a company wants pushed on a customer.

Looming Deadline

This year’s Cyber Monday has now passed but Christmas is only now getting into the hot zone, where the looming deadline of the last day of the timely Christmas delivery gets ever closer.

Instead of bombarding customers with SALE products that never ever seem to be out of sale, improving the website and its usability is the first important step in any business’s lifespan.

So getting ready for, what will surely be another record breaking spending day in the next year, think about a friendly user interface, and good SEO.

Customers may not be aware of it, but it should be top of Santa’s wishlist for any online business in 2011.

Cyber Monday: It’s what marketing dreams are made of by