Don’t stand out for the wrong reasons!

As a growing business, we interview A LOT of people, so we see hundreds of CVs! This means we are fairly well qualified to advise on positive ways to stand out from the crowd.

So many people trip themselves up by getting the basics wrong, it is astounding how many people send in CVs that appear to have been thrown together at the last minute, or fail to prepare for an interview.

The most common mistakes we see are:

  • Spelling mistakes and typos in CVs
  • Covering letter that don’t sell the applicant well
  • No research into the company
  • No preparation for the interview
  • Turning up late without any contact to let us know
  • Trying to control the interview
  • Not answering the questions asked

If a CV contains these simple errors, it stands out for all the wrong reasons.

These types of mistakes appear careless and make it seem like the applicant doesn’t REALLY want the job, therefore the CV goes in the bin and an interview is offered to someone who has used a spell checker.

We offer nine month paid Internships, so we attract a lot of applications from recent graduates.

These basic principles of applying for a job haven’t changed in decades.

Take the time and care preparing your CV that you want a potential employer to take when reading it, if you don’t make the effort, why should they?

How to stand out for all the right reasons

We do not interview people unless we think they are suitable for the job.

Think about that for a minute… it means that on paper, you have already convinced us that you are a potential employee.

This is excellent news for you, so congratulate yourself on the interviews you get, because it means you are standing out from a very big crowd; this is why your CV is so important.

What are the details that really stand out for us when we sift through CVs.

Company research

Knowing what makes us as a company stand out from other SEO Agencies. A little bit of research goes a long way to impress us.

Display some star qualities

Show your motivation and determination to get ahead by making sure you do have some relevant work experience to shout about on your CV. If you can’t get any, then volunteer!

Excellent covering letter

This is where you get to relate your experience to our job, sell yourself and show that you have really thought this application through.

Take time and care over the layout and content of your CV

This simple execise will put you ahead of many other applicants.

If we are interviewing for a writing intern, we will offer an interview to someone who has demonstrated that they can write online over someone who can’t. Many of our successful applicants have been volunteer bloggers usually doing this very part-time while completing their studies.

This succeeds in making that person stand out as someone who is determined and motivated to get a job because they are taking early steps to learn the ropes and prove their abilities. Having an online portfolio shows that you can write the right kind of content for the right purpose.

Whatever career you are looking to get into, seek out opportunities to get some relevant work experience to talk about on your CV and at the interview, it can only help you stand out more!

Our Internships

We offer nine month paid Internships, so we attract a lot of applications from recent graduates and people with very little relevant work experience.

There are so few jobs out there that we are in the fortunate position of receiving applications from people who are bright, motivated and talented individuals and train them to become valued members of staff.

See details of our career opportunities, including paid internships or find out more about our Strategy Internet Marketing Academy for ways to build an online portfolio.

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