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If you’re searching for a content marketing agency, you know how important it is for SEO, conversions, brand trust and visitor engagement. And with so many companies out there rushing to grab your attention, you want to be sure that you’re getting the quality your site needs without paying through the nose for it.

At Strategy Internet Marketing, you get all that and more. With our Pay on Results Content Marketing you get the benefit of a professional, innovative creative campaign without any upfront or regular monthly fees. You only pay if the campaign improves your site’s performance.

how does it work?

Pay on results content marketing gives you complete security by leaving the risk with us. You’ll get amazing content produced bespoke for your site and only pay if it generates more traffic, revenue or conversions (depending on your model).

This way you know that, if you’re paying more, your site is performing better.

what’s in it for you?

  • Great, useful content for your website
  • Increase in quality visitors
  • Potential for a lasting knowledge base people will keep coming back to
  • High volume social shares and links
  • Thought leading content marketing strategy
  • Links from relevant sites, bloggers and influencers interested in sharing your content
  • Increase in rankings for specific focus areas

who does pay on results content marketing suit?

Pay on Results Content Marketing suits most types of companies, however new businesses and websites or those with less than £500,000 in annual sales may be subject to a minimum monthly fee or a variance in terms.

does it work?

Don’t rely on our assurance that it works – any company can tell you that it works. Check out the case study pages for our large scale and smaller projects to see examples of results where we have:

  • Increased a client’s organic revenue by 63% with space bacon
  • Been invited to promote one of our projects on BBC Radio
  • Doubled a client’s year on year organic traffic

To see how Strategy can drive your site’s SEO forward with innovative campaigns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0845 838 0936.