In the good name of charity and amusing facial hair, willing members of the Strategy team have decided to form a Moustache Brotherhood and participate in Movember. It’s like November, but much hairier! It also offers an excellent opportunity for us all to be lazy and unshaven without fear of seeming lazy or unshaven. Fabulous :)

All of the team, apart from those who are blessed with hair follicles on their faces which prevent them from participating at a genetic level (or with too much personal pride (a rarity in Internet Marketing, but there are those among us who still care about how they look)) are growing moustaches. Big, hairy ones. Massive food interceptors which reduce their pulling power (which, if we’re honest, is negligible in most cases on the best of days) to zero. Monster moustaches which say, ‘Sweet mercy, look at me. I should not be allowed in the workplace for I am ridiculous, yet here I am, so you must worship me. Bow before me and pray for the end of Movember so I may be eradicated. And please stop laughing…’

Equal opportunities are very important at Strategy Towers, and we didn’t want the ladies to feel left out, so we gave them the opportunity to join the team and grow their leg hair in a bid to help us raise some dosh. This idea was received with the same iciness which saw the untimely demise of the Titanic, so as an alternative we suggested they might consider buying some fake beards so they could go all Life of Brian. I can’t understand why, but they ignored this most reasonable of ideas and instead decided they would simply point and laugh at our hairy chops. Such is the price we Mo Bros must pay.

The aim of this selfless act of stubble growth is to raise vital awareness and moolah for men’s health, most specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. I’ve set up a team called Strategy S E Mo (sometimes I’m so witty I amaze even myself) which allows anyone who wants to sponsor us the ability to release their unneeded copious wads of cash into the hands of people who require it and can put it to very good use. Please click on the following link to release the moths: http://mobro.co/StrategyInternetMarketing

Each week we shall be taking photographic evidence of our wondrous face foliage to share with the populace of Earth, so they can recognise our suffering for this most worthy of causes. I thank you all in advance for the huge amount of money you will be giving to charity in our support. Follow our progress on Facebook.

Happy Movember – may it be a hairy one!!

For individual Mo Team pages, see the following links:

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