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Wouldn’t it be great if you had direct access to influencers in your target market? And what if they used that influence to shout about your brand? Well, at Strategy Internet Marketing, that’s exactly what we can help with.

Our exciting new Blogger Engagement service reaches out to bloggers and online publishers in your industry and makes those important connections, sharing your products and services to generate a real online buzz about your brand.

what’s in it for you?

  • Mentions on trusted sources with a wide readership
  • Improved brand awareness amongst influencers
  • Large amounts of relevant links
  • High volume of social shares and links
  • Increased ranking for particular focus areas

how does it work?

Your products and services are the selling point of your company. You know how great they are. But it can often be difficult to know how to make your target market aware they exist. That’s what we take care of for you.

By putting your product or service in the hands of influential bloggers you are raising awareness of your brand and providing an opportunity for them to comment. As well as generating organic exposure through social sharing sites, it puts your brand at the forefront of conversation.

This isn’t just a one off either. The Blogger Engagement service connects bloggers and brands through a variety of campaign strategies, including product reviews, giveaways and competitions, which all help drive your brand forward within the community.

get in touch

Bloggers are constantly looking for great stuff to write about. Use our connections and their next article could be about you and your products or services. Call us now on 0845 838 0936