Landing Page Strategies for Conversion Optimisation

Strategy Internet Marketing creates landing pages that are sharply focussed towards promoting a particular product or service in the most convincing manner among its targeted customer base. We design and develop the pages with a clear aim to make the visitor buy the products or services offered or take some action that will ultimately lead to a sale.

Our carefully designed landing pages serve the following purposes:

  • Amplify the benefits and features of the product/service being promoted so as to ignite the curiosity of the visitor and make him/her stay on your site longer
  • Make it easy for you to get qualified leads by encouraging the visitor to give his/her contact details to get further information. This allows you to follow up with the visitor later and push through a sale
  • Encourage the visitor to move towards a purchase decision with user-friendly Call to Action buttons and links
  • Establish your company’s brand image and corporate identity with attractive designs
  • Project your contact details prominently to make you accessible to your targeted customers

Why Landing Pages

The importance of a landing page strategy is appreciating that visitors can land on any page on your site, not just your home page. Landing pages are entry points and formalise the visitor’s first impression of your business. A well made landing page can bestow the following benefits on your Internet marketing strategy.

Better User Experience

A neatly designed landing page provides just what a user is looking for. There is no need for him/her to sift through general information given on an index page or navigate through the website to find desired information. This sharply focussed page gives just the right amount of information in a presentable and compelling manner to the visitor.

Increase Conversion Rates

Not only does a visitor get to-the-point information on the landing page, he/she can also complete the interaction by clicking on the call to action buttons or filling in a short form for further details. This ‘focused information leading to desired action’ sequence makes visitors turn into qualified leads or customers for your company.

Measure Effectiveness of the External Link

Since the number of visitors navigating through your website from a particular landing page is measurable, it gives you an exact measurement tool to find out the effectiveness of your corresponding external links such as PPC ads, banner ads, email messages, or search engine links, etc.

We Help You Target Your Niche Areas

Usually your website would be focussing on certain niche areas defined by your chosen keyword categories. We target each niche with specifically focussed pages.

These pages thus become the best source of information on your niche areas and not only target specific keyword categories, but also cater to a far wider selection of long tail searches by incorporating longer search phrases having roots in the primary targeted keywords.

Overall, our Landing Page strategy has a two-pronged aim – increase conversion rates and gain higher numbers of unique visitors.

Strategy Internet Marketing creates high quality landing pages after in-depth SEO competitor analysis and traffic analysis. These pages act as your best salesperson to net you higher numbers of visitors and better sales.

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