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Creative content strategy is all about producing amazing content for your website. Where old SEO used to be focused on using techniques and shortcuts to get a site on the front page of Google, modern SEO is about providing real value.

And Strategy Internet Marketing is at the head of the pack.

With our vast team bursting with creativity, you can rely on us to produce high quality content that’s not just brilliantly designed but provides actual value to your customer base. As well as increasing the engagement and appeal of your site, it will also help your site perform better.

Because this is exactly what Google is looking for.

what’s in it for you?

  • Rich, interesting and useful content for your site
  • Innovative and varied campaigns that capture market needs in your industry
  • Links and shares to your content
  • Improved brand trust and conversions
  • Stronger rankings for key service pages
  • Expert social and online promotion

how does it work?

Creating content isn’t something that happens over night. That’s why creative content for your site comes from a combination of extensive industry experience, thorough market research, brainstorming and planning to ensure that whatever we produce is aimed at your target audience, as well as the bloggers and influencers that will think it’s great and link to it.

At Strategy Internet Marketing we offer two types of creative content marketing:

Micro-Creative: Link building as a technique is fast becoming obsolete. Google wants sites to go above and beyond their competitors by providing amazingly valuable content. With micro-creative, your site can benefit from a huge range of diverse content – including dynamic infographics, white papers, online calculators and thought leadership posts.

Creative Projects: Sometimes you need to go all out. These large scale creative projects are developed bespoke for your needs and aim to generate a huge amount of relevant links and traffic to your site. This could be anything from social media engagement to win a car, sending bacon into space or creating a series of interesting videos.

Check out some of the amazing creative content marketing we’ve completed by following the links above or simply call us on 0845 838 0936 to see how your website can lead the field of modern SEO.

If you’d like to know more about how you can implement a successful content marketing strategy, why not download our free ebook by clicking here or via the image below?

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