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Google wants you to earn your ranking. They’ve made this very clear by saying the way forward is to produce great, valuable content that users want to link to. But sometimes you want to go one better – providing something so amazing that it not only generates a huge amount of interest and links, but has the potential to go viral. And that’s where our creative projects come in.

One look at the case studies below will show just how much benefit creative content marketing projects can have for your site: whether your aim is to increase sales, traffic or just brand awareness.

case studies

Fly on the Wall – Space Bacon

Space BaconWhen a client comes to you and says they want to promote their new range of GoPro cameras, bacon isn’t the first thing that comes into your head. But we wanted to give their new products a huge boost by testing exactly how far the technology could go, while at the same time tapping into a passionate and active community.

Handling everything from Civil Aviation Authority approval, the building of the space craft and the extensive promotion, our work has helped the client achieve over 1,400 YouTube views, numerous backlinks from sites like Reddit, and appearances on BBC Radio, the Western Daily Press newspaper and This Is Bath in only a week since launching. Once the project has been completed a full case study will be available for viewing.

Alert Electrical – Photography Competition

Alert ElectricalTasked with running a competition that would not just encourage participants, but be so interesting that bloggers would pick it up and write about it, we put together a proposal for a photography competition that emulated the overall product themes from our client.

Run over six weeks, the competition had more than 1000 entries and generated the client’s website 75 new inbound links, a 63% increase in organic revenue and 167 new social fans. To read more about the results of the competition, just click on case study.

David Salisbury – Conservatory Meme Campaign

David Salisbury Logo

Memes are a great way to gain large amounts of shares and links in a short space of time. But you wouldn’t really put memes and conservatories together. However, our creative team had a brilliant idea to add conservatories onto classic pictures in a humorous and interesting way.

Although simple in practise, this campaign resulted in an increase in rankings for key conservatory-related phrases, doubling the traffic year on year. This resulted in a significant increase in orders for the client. To read more about this project and the results, please click on our case study.

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