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Storytelling, news making and digital PR

Who and what makes news? And how can you make what you do news for the benefit of your business profile and bottom line? With digital PR.

As the worlds of SEO, digital content, marketing and PR have converged to create a discipline which encompasses all of these elements, we have made sure we’re ahead of the curve by investing in skilled writers and PR practitioners. Google now represents the world’s biggest reputation management tool, and collectively we consider ourselves masters of the most effective ways to work with Google for the benefit of our clients.

You can have the best product or service in the world, but if you aren’t creating awareness of your expertise by telling people about it, how do you expect them to find you?

Google’s algorithm changes also mean quality links and genuine authoritative, informative and topical content will be valued far and above less ‘quality’ content, so digital PR will not only create awareness of your business, but will also impact search returns, helping your SEO.

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Our in-house PR experts have journalistic and agency backgrounds and a true understanding of what makes news and who to contact with that news. They also know inherently what about you and your business can inform the basis of news stories, and how to craft and draw out your opinions to create authoritative features. They have a base of media contacts whose opinions and interest provide the basis for strong, relevant coverage across target platforms.

With expertise in running both B2B and consumer PR campaigns, the assurance we give is that no matter how niche your business, our team will understand and communicate the unique selling points of your organisation effectively.

Our mission is to ensure your business gains exposure to your target audience, and with our multi-pronged strategies incorporating digital PR, we’re confident you’ll see a real impact.

Benefits of digital PR include:

  • Improved brand profile among target markets including promotion of your brand’s core messages.
  • Increased traffic and conversions on your site
  • Inbound links from respected and trusted sources
  • An authoritative voice, reinforcing your thought leadership and expertise in your industry

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