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Email marketing refers to every email you would ever send to a customer, potential customer or business entity. Our email marketing services are completely ROI focused. Email marketing has proven to be extremely effective in acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers. Emails are one of the cheapest forms of communication and can be used to deliver promotional messages or enhance brand-customer relationships.

Why use our email marketing services?

Emails are a powerful form of marketing and there are many reasons why they work. You can utilize customer data to target your messages, drive direct sales, and build customer loyalty and support sales through other channels.

Sending emails is cost effective:

  • Email allows you to deliver your message, unlike a website where people have to come to you
  • Email marketing is extremely successful if undertaken correctly
  • Database integration allows for the targeting of outgoing messages

How do our services maximise our client’s email marketing campaigns?

Create a Compelling Subject Line

The first point of contact with potential customers is the subject line of your email. This is comparable to your website title tags that you have carefully drafted for your search engine optimisation efforts. The title tag shows in search engine results pages and draws the searcher to click on it, in the same way your subject line does the same for your emails. When you send out emails, you don’t want them being ignored or deleted. The goal is to get your emails opened, read and acted on. We follow simple but effective email marketing practices to get results.

  • Offer the customer something they want
  • Personalise emails with individual customer details
  • Ensure emails don’t look like spam
  • Create customer curiosity

Make the Emails Fit with Landing Pages

Landing pages are an essential part of email marketing campaigns. When a customer follows a link from an email message they will expect purchasing to be easy. We achieve results by following simple email marketing guidelines.

  • Match the content, design and tone of the email to the landing page
  • Experiment with link placement to optimise performance
  • Optimise the landing page to improve conversions
  • Place multiple links belonging to multiple landing pages
  • After every email campaign sent, we do a thorough evaluation so we can improve performance each time

Timing is Key to Performance

It’s important that marketing emails are consistent – email subscribers will come to expect your email to arrive on the same day at the same time every week. Here are our basic email marketing guidelines:

  • Increase response rate by sending emails at optimal times (found through testing)
  • Repeat communication regularly and consistently
  • Follow up new subscribers with auto-response emails
  • Avoid sending the emails out on weekends and holidays
  • Continually segment your database so we send the right message to the right people at the right time – increasing your ROI

Contact us about our email marketing services

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