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At the end of April 2012, the SEO world exploded after Google’s Penguin update and then again a week later with Panda’s latest algorithm.

Websites that had previously ranked number one were blasted off the face of the Earth and others from lowlier pages inexplicably crept to the top spot, this had a huge impact on businesses worldwide with revenue dropping, traffic plummeting and tears flowing.

So what exactly are these updates and why have they impacted people so badly? That’s what this page is all about. We’ll take you through the Google Zoo and tell you what we’re doing to make sure our practices are just what Google are looking for.

What Are They?


The majority of Google’s algorithm updates over the last few years have been aimed at policing SEO tactics, whether it’s keyword stuffing, article spinning or link buying, many companies have always tried to find ways to cheat the system. Penguin is the latest weapon in Google’s fight against them.

This update specifically is targeted at fighting spam:

  • Domain names with heavy use of keywords such as “”
  • Low quality blogs and blog networks, such as those that promote article spinning:

    Choosing Tragedy Cleanup Sodium Body of Water Town

    A real article title spun from “Salt Lake City”

  • Pages with poorly moderated blog comments
  • Exact match anchor text
  • Over optimisation: sites featuring in thousands of directories without a strong brand profile

It’s worth noting that some sites that don’t spam and don’t have keyword heavy domain names have still been hit and we can expect more tweaks over the next few weeks that correct this.

Now all this jargon can be quite confusing, but the bottom line is that Penguin is saying “just don’t worry about trying to cheat the system, all we want to see is good, great or even amazing content that people want to share”, and that isn’t done overnight.

So Penguin is a battle statement to those that promise instant results and quick fixes when, in reality, there aren’t any.


In Googles pursuit of “the most relevant search”, they wanted to ensure that websites had an incentive to just make their site better, so they released one of Google’s most famous updates, Panda, which aims to target thin, low quality content.

It has boosted SEO visibility for sites like Spotify and The Observer up to 30%

It’s been going for over a year now and has received many updates on the way.

One of their sneakiest updates happened during the aftermath of Penguin.

While it was only a small algorithm change it has boosted SEO visibility for sites like Spotify and The Observer up to 30%, while slamming others with a whopping 70% SEO visibility loss.

As usual, Google have been quite cagey about the exact contents of the update, but we can be fairly certain that it continues in the current vein of targeting low quality websites.

What Are We Doing?

It really is a simple answer, the same thing we have always been doing: creating amazing content through creative projects, blog posts, guest blogs and other link building strategies for our clients. Except now we’re doing it BETTER.

We know the web is a cruel place. No one is going to look twice at a blog with a dull title or poorly written content. They’re only going to read it and then share it if it’s awesome. So we make it awesome. And people share it.

Blog Sharing

We understand that SEO is a long process and takes hard work, which is why we have shifted our focus to working with our clients to help make their website more efficient and building more detailed content through on-page optimisation, which in turn makes things easier for their users to navigate the site.

Our creative process has also developed with these updates in mind, our Outreach team build contacts with top blogs who only accept the best content. The relationships that we take the time to build up mean we can publish our high quality posts on behalf of our clients and, in turn, add a value to the web which is proved by the regularly high shares our posts get.

The Bottom Line

Penguin and Panda just emphasise the fact that trying to find a loophole to high rankings in SEO is pointless. One day, sooner rather than later, there will be an update to the algorithm that targets that loophole and the site will disappear.

So why not just contribute to the worldwide web in a positive way? By creating great content that people want to read, that’s exactly what we do at Strategy and the results speak for themselves.

Working with Strategy

Make the most of Penguin with our Link Building strategies such as Guest Blogging and Creative Campaigns,or even call us directly on 0845 838 0936 and see how Strategy can make more money for your business.