Links are the most vital ingredient in the SEO mix, and while there are many ways to generate links to a website the most valuable are built naturally.

When your site has awesome content, people will talk about it and share it through a variety of media channels. This creates the most valuable of links: social links.

This kind of link building is known as ‘creative link building’ or ‘link bait’ because you can’t create the links; you have to create the content that attracts them.

How Does Creative Link Building Work?

Our process for creative link building is heavily customised for each client, but includes two stages:

Idea Generation

  • The creative link building team brainstorm creative ideas, taking a no limits approach with endless scope to think outside the box
  • The ideas can take a variety of forms from new content, video, images, infographics and stunts, to web development, social campaigns, blogs, and more
  • Final concepts are presented to the client for selection and approval


The creative link building is implemented in two parts:

  • Content creation – our content development team will turn the chosen concept into a reality.
  • Community engagement – our outreach team will research, identify and create relationships with the target audience.

These will be the people that are most interested in the creative content, including respected influencers (people who have large followings on their own blogs/Twitter etc.) who reach a wider and more effective audience.

What are the benefits of creative link building?

There are huge benefits to creative link building with Strategy. We boost your traffic through higher quality links, which are promoted socially through our outreach team. This will:

  • Create a wide range of external domain links
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Boost search engine rankings
  • Increase domain authority & link power
  • Give you competitive gains

Working with Strategy

Take advantage of our creative link building together with other link building methods such as Forum & Blog Commenting and Directory Submissionscontact us today or call 0845 838 0936 to discuss how Strategy can make more money for your business.