Strategy Internet Marketing makes sure that your website contains all the relevant keywords that your target audience is searching for, or is likely to search for. We use the latest tools and innovative techniques for keyword research and analysis to search and identify the best performing keywords for your website. These targeted keywords bring you the right kind of visitors, ensuring high Return on Investment.

Why is Keyword Research important?

The most important element of search engine optimisation efforts is getting the keywords right. There is no point optimising for key phrases that people hardly use because a top ranking won’t bring you sufficient traffic to grow your business. However, if you only target very competitive phrases then you may be waiting longer for those top positions. As much as 80% of search phrases typed into search engines each day are unique and long tail i.e. 4, 5 or more words in the phrase so a sound strategy would involve getting the balance right.

When webpage’s are optimised with correct keywords and keyword phrases, search engines find it easy to locate them and show them in the search results.

In other words, keywords help you to make the pages of your website accessible to the search engines whenever any search for relevant information with those keywords is launched. You thus reach your target audience faster.

Similarly keyword research plays a major role when it comes to building links. Links that are efficiently optimised with keywords draw more traffic and increase the website’s page ranking on search engines.

In-depth Keyword Analysis Holds The Key To Search Engine Rankings

We put in meticulous efforts into keyword analysis, because we know accurate research, although time consuming, would ultimately lead to increased sales and better revenue for you.

We also make sure to identify keywords and keyword phrases that have a good number of searches and face less competition. It is also not sufficient to optimise the site just once. Keyword research should be undertaken time and again to find the popular keywords at a particular time and to re-optimise the site with them.

Our specialised keyword research services include:

  • Finding new opportunities for your business with relevant keywords
  • Revising the website’s content and taking care of missed keyword opportunities
  • Conducting in-depth keyword analysis based on the prevailing search trends and making use of users’ psychology to generate a complete list of high potential keywords and keyword phrases including those that are likely to be used in searches in the future

Our keyword research capabilities coupled with our thorough link building services and in-depth web page analysis, SEO competitor analysis and web traffic analysis ensures that your website is well optimised to garner top rankings in search engine results.

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