This ensures that search engines are able to find your webpage for specific keyword(s) or keyword phrases easily, and your website gets listed high in the search engine results.

Our Web Page Optimisation Modus Operandi

We have a highly qualified team of Search Engine Optimisation specialists with years of experience behind them. We understand that securing a good position with the search engines needs to be based on thorough research and analysis.

Armed with a suitable set of keywords, selected after meticulous keyword research and analysis our search engine optimisation team gets down to the task of web page optimisation with the following neatly laid out steps:

Title Optimisation

The Title tag is regarded as the most important web page optimisation element as it is the first thing shown and indexed by the search engines. We focus on making it keyword rich and compelling enough for your users to be encouraged to find out more.

Meta Tag Optimisation

Although the importance of meta tags has somewhat declined in recent times, it cannot be totally ignored from the web page optimisation angle. Of all the Meta tags, we give a lot of importance to the description tag as this is the information which is visible to the visitors in the search engine results pages. The keywords are inserted in the right density to boost its search engine friendliness and a compelling description is written to encourage click throughs.

Other HTML Tags

There are various HTML tags that are given importance by search engines. For instance, h1, h2, h3, strong, em etc. By optimising them, we make your site easily readable and better to navigate.

Keyword Optimisation & Synonyms

We maintain a balance between the targeted keywords and the content. To make the content sound spontaneous and interesting, synonyms of the keywords and long tail key phrases are also used.

Link Optimisation

For good search engine rankings, we optimise both inbound and outbound links using appropriate keywords. It gives a ‘proper meaning’ and value to your web page. Find out more about our link building services.

Image Optimisation

As web crawlers cannot read images, we optimise them by using special tags like ALT text or Alternate Text, so that the web crawlers can interpret their meaning.

At Strategy Internet Marketing, we treat web page optimisation as a crucial step towards effective search engine optimisation. Our search engine optimisation services are backed by thorough web page analysis, SEO competitor analysis and web traffic analysis to make sure that your website appears in the top positions for searches which are relevant to your business.

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