Strategy Internet Marketing has successfully introduced pricing for Organic SEO based purely on results! This isn’t pricing based on achieving rankings which is fraught with problems, it is pricing based on actual increased visitors and sales from organic search. We don’t charge you for traffic or conversions you are already getting, we only charge you for visits and sales above your current average level.

Pay on Results SEO

Is Pay on Results Performance Pricing ideal for your site?

The bottom line is… if you want more visitors to your website, or for your site to convert more sales, then performance based Search Engine Optimisation pricing could be for you.

We offer two Pay on Results (PPR) SEO pricing options for you to decide which is best for your site and online objectives. If you have a brochure website, you may choose to pay us on increased visits. If you have an ecommerce site, then pay on results on increased sales would be best for you.

We are looking for sites to work on long term as the service we offer is comprehensive and the work we do is extensive. We learn about your business & understand the objectives of your website in order to offer you the best service. As we work together and bring more of your target audience to your website through organic search you will see how our approach adds value to your business development.

Pay on Results SEO Pricing based on increasing sales is best for:

  • Ecommerce websites
  • Websites where you know that you have a good product or service available at a good price

Pay on Results SEO Pricing based on increasing visits is best for:

  • Brochure websites
  • New websites
  • Raising brand awareness
  • Clients who have been burned by poor SEO services in the past

John Courtney, Chairman, talks about Pay on Results

Contact us today or call 0845 838 0936. You will need to provide your web address so that we can review your site. If you are more interested in fixed fee SEO see our SEO pricing page to see what our different packages offer. You can view some of our other client successes by visiting our SEO Rankings page.

Quote by , Client Services Director

“Pay On Results SEO Services are excellent motivators for staff as well as being a winning strategy for clients as there is a healthy competition between staff to get the best results for the placement of guest blogs and creative campaigns.”