Strategy Internet Marketing specialises in propelling your not-so-happening website to the top of search engine rankings by employing the latest methodologies in Search Engine Indexing, also known as website indexing.

Our experienced team of content writers facilitates efficient website indexing of your website by using keyword rich and relevant content coupled with a neatly laid out step-by-step process to make the website’s pages accessible and noticeable to search engines. We have a very successful track record of getting our client websites featured in top search results for queries relevant to their business.

Why is Search Engine Indexing Important?

If you are not Amazon, Ebay, the BBC or one of those other heavyweights of the web world, it is nearly impossible to get your website noticed by your targeted visitors if it hasn’t been indexed properly by the popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Search engines create a database of web pages that are tagged or indexed according to the search engine’s current algorithm – this database is called the search engine index. With this index, search engines can show all the pages on the web matching the query from users within seconds. But if search engines can’t index your pages, they can’t find you! It is as simple as that.

Our step-by-step process for website indexing

To ascertain your website’s condition as it relates to search engine indexing, we at Strategy Internet Marketing start by finding answers to following questions:

  • Are search engines able to find your pages?
  • If your pages are in the index how old is the copy of the page?
  • Can the search engines see the relevant and keyword rich content on your pages?

Develop relevant content

Next we review and improve your website’s content to make it relevant to the main purpose of the website. Search engines are increasingly strict about any kind of spamming or irrelevant content put in only for the purpose of pushing up your rankings at the expense of the visitor’s experience. Strategy develops content which reflects your website’s theme, amplifies its products/services, is reader-friendly and informative, and includes relevant keywords in the right density. To further improve navigation and usability, we cross-link various web pages.

Improve Accessibility

Next we focus on improving your website’s accessibility, which is of paramount importance. If your web pages are not accessible to search engines, no matter how well designed and well written your website is, it simply won’t be indexed. In other words, your website will not figure anywhere in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

To improve accessibility we submit the relevant web pages to popular search engines using sitemaps. We also submit high quality, keyword-rich specially written content, such as articles, blogs, forum postings etc. to various Ezines and blogging platforms and forums to create valuable backlinks for your website. Also we hang out on relevant social networking sites and communities to create visitor interest in your website.

Apart from making sure that your website will be properly indexed by search engines, we also conduct various in-depth analyses such as page analysis, SEO competitor analysis and web traffic analysis to make sure that your site is SEO ready and delivers what your target audience is looking for.

To learn more about our search engine indexing contact us today or call 0845 838 0936. You will need to provide your web address so that we can review your site.