Strategy Internet Marketing helps your website get better rankings in search engine results than your competitors for the same set of keywords by conducting a thorough competitor analysis. Our specialised process helps us understand the strategies being employed by your competitors which in turn enables us to reposition your website’s SEO strategies to make it score over your competitors in the search engine rankings.

Why do you need SEO Competitor Analysis?

If you are not offering some groundbreaking new product or a niche-carving service, you are bound to have competitors who are either ahead of you by miles or are snapping at your heels.

The task of garnering a respectable market share becomes all the more difficult when you are a new entrant in a crowded marketplace and are struggling to get a foot in. And in the Internet marketplace where competitors run into hundreds, if not thousands, gaining market attention is an uphill task.

Difference between Offline and Online Competitor Analysis

Just as in any other market launch, a competitor analysis or market study is essential to gauge the potential of the market, number of serious competitors and so on, internet marketing has its own equally vital competitor analysis. The objective remaining the same, online competitor analysis differs from its offline counterpart in purely technical terms. Let’s see how:

Offline Competitor Analysis

Offline competitor analysis is concentrated on a particular market size and narrows down to identifying the market presence of the competitors in terms of:

  • Positioning of the competitor’s product/service, whether premium or popular, high-end or low-end
  • Reach of the competitors distribution and retail network
  • Market size of the exact target audience group your competitors are aiming at and you intend to as well
  • Strength of the competitors brands – in terms of presence and recall in customers minds

Online Competitor Analysis

Online competitor analysis takes into account the following factors:

Optimisation Effectiveness

We find out your competitors rankings in search engine results for relevant targeted keywords and the reasons behind their success. This investigation focuses on strengths and weaknesses of the competitors sites on normal SEO standards.

PPC Campaign Effectiveness

We find out the effectiveness of your competitors PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns by establishing the relevancy and effectiveness of the keywords targeted by them and analysing the landing pages corresponding to the campaigns. Our research tells us the exact areas in which your competitors are scoring over you and helps us to design for you a better campaign through our pay-per-click services and landing page strategies.


By conducting a usability review on your competitors websites, we find out which navigational elements give these sites an extra edge so far as visitor friendliness and conversions are concerned.

Inbound Links

We study the source and quality of inbound links your competitors have acquired, so as to enable your website to get links from the same sources and improve the quality of your links.

Search Engine Indexing

We identify how many pages your competitor websites have got indexed at the various search engines. This data helps us to calculate how many indexed pages you need to have in order to catch up with your competitor websites and surpass them.

How Do We Go About It

At Strategy Internet Marketing, our detailed SEO competitor analysis helps us find out why and how your competitors have managed to attract higher traffic inflows. Once we pin down the reasons for their success, we identify where your website had gone wrong or needs to build its presence which in turn helps us to develop winning marketing strategies and promotional campaigns for your websites.

Our SEO competitor analysis coupled with in-depth keyword research, web page analysis and web traffic analysis forms the basis of developing a results oriented search engine optimisation and internet marketing strategy for your website that ensures high ROI for you.

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