Many so-called “SEO specialists” offer guarantees of success with search engine rankings without detailing the techniques used to achieve these results. Some ‘SEO’ techniques can at best have no effect – or at worst get you banned from Google permanently.

How do you find a search marketing company who really are Search Engine Optimisation specialists? Start by finding a search engine marketing company who will tell you the truth about search engine optimisation (SEO) in words you can understand. Strategy Internet Marketing knows that effective SEO is not a mysterious dark art – it is hard work by trained professionals.

Qualified SEO Specialists

Our SEO Specialist team is lead by Kathryn Dawson (MBA) who is certified in Advanced Search Engine Optimisation and has years of experience increasing traffic to client sites. She constantly updates her SEO/SEM knowledge through membership of several subscription forums and is Club Leader of the popular club “Improve Search Engine Rankings” on a leading business networking site.

Our SEO specialist services

We offer our clients a range of specialist search engine optimisation services, focusing on marketing your business website through both off- and on-page factors. We are experienced in a wide variety of websites and business sectors as our search engine marketing portfolio page will demonstrate.

Our experienced specialists offer the following SEO services to promote your business:

  • SEO website audit — we check your entire site for any SEO issues that could be adversely affecting your search engine indexing
  • Keyword research — we use a range of SEO tools to research the key words being used by search engine users to find your business, and so ensure that you are concentrating your efforts on the right words & phrases
  • SEO competitor analysis — we assess your competitors in search engine results pages & analyse how they are ranking in the search engines
  • Web page analysis — we make sure that your pages have the right keyword focus and build style to attract targeted traffic
  • On-page optimisation — we implement optimisation based on results of our keyword research & web page analysis in areas such as title, description, and alt tags for images & links
  • Landing pages — we ensure that the initial visit to your web site by a visitor is to the most appropriate landing page
  • Link building — getting listed in directories and having good quality inbound links is a vital component of any SEO campaign
  • Search engine indexing — regular submissions to some search engines is important — although others like to find your web site through following links themselves
  • Ranking reports — monthly ranking reports are important, as they are used to measure performance of key phrases in the search engines, as well as visitor behaviour on site
  • Web traffic analysis — we monitor the performance of our search engine optimisation (it is not enough to get ranked if the phrases are not being used to reach your site)
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) — strategic PPC campaigns can also be established & managed if required. PPC advertising can be a fast and effective way of testing out how well your site converts visitors to buyers

Our team of Search Engine Optimisation specialists are experienced in transforming underperforming web sites into successful lead-generating sites that attract targeted traffic from a much wider source – people are looking for you, we help them find you. See our client’s rankings and testimonials page for details of our successes, and then contact the Search Engine Optimisation specialists at Strategy Internet Marketing for an appraisal.

Transparent SEO campaign fees

Our standard charging structure is based on an initial fee to cover keyword research & put in place the on-page search engine optimization. This is followed by a monthly management fee for the submissions, monitoring, ranking & traffic reports and continuous improvement. Link building services can either be included as an ongoing activity, or purchased in blocks of time. Pay-per-click fees depend on the chosen strategy and budget available.

Our new “Purple Pricing” is our new Pay on Results (PoR) Organic Search Engine Optimisation where you pay Only for Results!

Find out more about our standard Search Engine Optimisation packages, Pay Per Click advertising and pay-per-click review.

If you are planning a new website or just giving your old one a facelift, bringing us in at the website design stage will ensure search engine optimisation is at its core.

If you would like to know more about our range of search engine optimisation services contact us today or call on 0845 838 0936.