Digital Strategy

Every business can benefit from an effective Internet marketing strategy. Whether you are old economy or new economy, or a “clicks and bricks” combination of both, the Internet has already impacted on your business.

We’re B2B, We Have Nothing to Sell Online…

It used to be true that businesses that did not sell their services online could not benefit from using the Internet. Now that your customers are using Google and other search engines to find goods and services, you are more vulnerable to your competitors. In one click, browsers can find out all about your competition, without leaving their desk; is having no effective online marketing strategy a risk you are prepared to take? Marketing your business wisely on the Internet and through search engine optimisation (SEO) can allow you to steal a march on your competition. Local businesses, e-commerce, consultancies, large and small industry — just about every provider of goods and services you can imagine benefits from Internet marketing.

Your company cannot ignore the power of the Internet

So how do you start to develop your Internet strategy? The first step in considering your Internet strategy is to identify the overall goals of the business, as happens in all traditional business and strategy planning. Once you have planned your overall strategic goals, you need to decide how your online strategy can complement your off-line plans.

An Internet marketing strategy should include:

  • specific business goals
  • objectives for Internet activity
  • a programme of actions that will achieve your business
  • benchmarks for measuring achievement
  • a business model – what it will cost and what it will

What is your company trying to achieve in its online marketing strategy?

  • communicate news?
  • build a corporate identity?
  • distribute marketing information?
  • provide a live information source?
  • purchase/find best-buys?
  • sell – advertise, auction, shopping basket?
  • get people to call you?

Each of these is likely to require a different approach. Whether you want to develop a business or Internet strategy now, or build a business website; whether you are a dotcom, or whether you would simply like to learn more about our online marketing strategy consultancy – contact us today or call 0845 838 0936. We are always ready to discuss how you can make sure that you get your business Internet marketing strategy right.