Web traffic analysis is a specialised tool Strategy Internet Marketing employs to assess how equipped your website is to attract relevant web traffic and generate conversions. It helps us to collect crucial data on the traffic frequenting your website and its activities, such as:

  • How many visitors your website attracts
  • How much time a visitor spends on your site
  • Which pages are the most popular and which are ignored?
  • Where your visitors are coming from (directly to the website, or through some referral links or the search engines)?
  • Which page a visitor typically enters your site?
  • From which page a visitor typically exits your site?
  • What is stopping visitors from delving deeper into your site?
  • Which page succeeds in convincing the visitor to make a purchase decision more than the others?
  • Which geographical locations are providing most your visitors?
  • Which keywords visitors are using most to search for products/services being offered by your website?

What Web Traffic Analysis Can Do for You

Comprehensive web traffic analysis helps you to assess your website from a usability and search engine optimisation point of view. Moreover it tells you about the effectiveness and reach of your online marketing efforts. Armed with this information you can make informed and accurate decisions pertaining to your business critical operations.

For example, if your website is focussed on say, providing small business loans, our traffic analysis will help you draw up a complete picture of your user profile. It will tell you:

  • Which regions are providing the maximum number of visitors to your site. You can then enhance your marketing efforts towards these regions
  • On which page the visitors are signing up most for your product. For instance, your site may have a lead capture form on every page but you may find that the FAQs page is where most visitors fill in the form. Why? Because they find all their answers there!
  • On which page visitors are exiting your site. It could be that the page where you have the sign up form is witnessing the maximum number of abrupt exits. Why? Maybe because the sign up form is too complicated or there is some bug in it. Immediately you can take measures to rectify it

These are just some of the very insightful information you can gather from Internet marketing analysis.

Strategy Internet Marketing Specialises in Web Traffic Analysis

At Strategy Internet Marketing, our qualified and experienced SEO team use this extensive traffic analysis data to devise strategies which help you convert more visitors into leads, improve pages with high bounce rates, target high performance keywords and improve conversion rates.

Our system makes sure that you get accurate information regarding unique visitors, sources of traffic and how visitors behave once they reach your site.

Web traffic analysis enables us to understand which Internet marketing strategy is working for your online business and which one is not. Without detailed internet marketing analysis, there is a risk of persisting with non-performing strategies.

In-depth traffic analysis coupled with web page analysis and SEO competitor analysis form the bulwarks of our search engine optimisation strategy. We also use this data for on page optimisation and landing page development.

For more information about our Internet marketing analysis contact us today or call us on 0845 838 0936. You can view some of our other client successes by visiting our SEO Rankings page.