Team Meeting on Onesie DayThe Strategy team decided the only way to beat the cold snap this week was to stage a “onesie day”.

Staff put in a full-day’s work whilst wearing their cosy one-piece romper suits from home.

The comfy outfits have become a hot fashion must-have over the last year, and even deputy prime minster Nick Clegg has confessed to wearing his own onesie at home.

But Strategy’s sales director Stephanie Iles – who stayed snug in her chic leopard print onesie – said it was quite startling to see some of the bizarre onesie styles worn by colleagues.

She says: “You’d never guess that otherwise sensible and sober-minded colleagues are sitting at home in a Tigger or penguin onesie. I don’t think I will ever look at them the same way again.”

Strategy staff paid a fiver towards a good cause for the privilege of wearing their onesies on the day, collecting £100 for Bristol charity One25, which reaches out to vulnerable women trapped in street sex-work.

One25 fundraiser Louise Willott praised Strategy’s onesie event: “I loved the creativity and fun of it and we thank the Strategy team for thinking of us.  Their gift will make a big difference as £100 can provide a meal and hot drink for 40 malnourished women or pay for four women to be taken to their first appointment for drug treatment.”

Strategy director Kath Dawson said: “It was fun for us to enjoy such a cosy day in work during this awfully cold weather, and so great we could make a donation to such a worthy cause as One25.”

brrrr…the onesies come out at strategy by