You’ll be sure of a big surprise if you visit the Strategy Internet stand at the eCommerce Expo 2012.

You will find a life-size panda bear – all tied up and totally subdued.

The totally tamed bear is Strategy’s way of illustrating the company’s mastery of the latest update to Google’s search criteria, also known as Panda.

The panda update gives higher priority in Google search results to real content, and downplays websites pumping out “thin” content or content which has been scraped or aggregated from other online sources.

Strategy’s Executive Chairman John Courtney hopes their panda will attract a lot of attention at the eCommerce show. He says: “We are confident our panda will raise a few eyebrows and spark lots of interaction and interest in our services.

“At Strategy we have taken Google’s panda changes really seriously. We have been honing and adapting our response over the last 18 months, which has brought enormous benefits to our clients.

“We have been saying for years that original creative content is the best strategy for achieving success in SEO and the panda update was a total vindication of our methods.

“We look forward to introducing our totally tamed panda to lots of potential clients at the eCommerce show.”

To find out more about how Strategy can help you tame Panda visit our Google panda and penguin guide.

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