For a multi-billion dollar business Google’s motto couldn’t be simpler: “Don’t be evil”.

When you’ve been stung by an update it’s hard to know if this is true, but their top priority is and always has been their “customers”, the searchers and getting them the best results. In this post I’ll go over who won and who lost in this year’s major updates. Continue Reading


If you spend time on the internet, you may have noticed the increase in “SERP crowding”, where one or two domains take up the first three pages of the search results.

A post on SEOmoz attributed this to a sneaky Google update, their recent report shows that it has been getting worse too, up until this week.

It appears now that they have swapped this SERP crowding for displaying fewer results. Continue Reading


Last week Firefox rolled out their new update, Firefox 14, which features an automatic HTTPS encryption on all Google searches. This was expected for a while, but it’s no more welcome than the announcement first telling us it was coming.

What does this mean? All keywords used in search will show up as (not provided) on Google Analytics.

Whereas before it would only affect users logged into Firefox, it now affects all Google searches used in Firefox. Internet Explorer is also keen to pursue later in the year.

This update affects digital agencies, SEO enthusiasts and web developers everywhere, and is sure to be the question most are asked about over the coming months. Continue Reading

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