Cloaked in secrecy, hiding in the offices of many internet marketing agencies, reside sneaky Bowling Ninjas who, on the quiet, possess legendary skills in the art of Ten Pin Bowling. Sadly, not many of them have taken up residency at Strategy Internet Marketing. Still, not liking to admit to possessing the collective bowling prowess of an out of date tin of Spam, the team decided a mission was needed. A social event was planned to find out answers. Most specifically, one answer. An answer to the ultimate question:

Who at SIM could lob a lump of plastic reactive resin down a bowling alley and cause the most devastating carnage to the neat formation of pins so beautifully arranged at its zenith?

As questions go, this is one is the Daddy. Forget lesser questions such as, ‘What is the meaning of life?’ At least you can have a pint and force an answer from this bad boy.

The photos are likely to show that the bar sidetracked many lesser-willed Bowling Ninjas and destroyed their powers entirely. Most notably, Andy ‘Bluto’ Price, client manager of extraordinary ability, but bowler of unfathomable ineptness, who chalked up the evening’s most embarrassing total of 37 after losing all hand-to-eye coordination through an overindulgence of the sweet nectar known as cider. Oh dear.

Beant ‘Badger’ Bajwa developed an extraordinary bowling technique which defied gravity. While her bowl travelled more slowly than a sleeping Sloth which had had all its limbs amputated on a whim, she still managed to achieve a mighty score of 110!  See  photos of this amazing phenomenon and lots more on Facebook.

But while some of the team tried to fathom how Beant’s bowling technique managed to defy the laws of physics, a battle was underway. Alex Van Halen had laid down the Bowling Gauntlet of Challenge by winning the first game with a whopping score of 129 (I told you we didn’t have many Bowling Ninjas in residence at our establishment). But low, the red mist fell on the Meadow of the Ten Pin. Those among us of a more competitive nature began lobbing bowling balls with ruthless ferocity. Pins were smashed and for a while Woolly Mattmoth and Alex Van Halen were in contention for the most coveted of prizes – the Strategy Internet Marketing Supreme Bowling Champion Trophy. But then they saw hunger and madness dancing a crazed tango in JC’s eyes and realised that if they didn’t let him win they might be out of a job.

And so, the mighty JC won the prize with a monster score of 161. The trophy now sits safe in his office behind a protective electric force-field so none may steal it. Every now and then a smile caresses JC’s lips as he remembers the sweet taste of victory. But how long can the trophy be kept from the rest of the team who are hungry for revenge and an opportunity to revel in victory? That question can only be answered on the next Quest of the Bowling Champions.

The quest to find Strategy Internet Marketing's Supreme Bowling Champion by